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A Guide to Eco-Cleaning Your Kitchen! Leave a comment

Tips on how to clean your kitchen the eco way
A guide to cleaning your kitchen and dishes using products that are eco and environmentally friendly.


Compostable sponges

Instead of using plastic and synthetic sponges to get your dishes clean, you can opt for a plastic-free, compostable sponge cloth made from natural ingredients. Durable, absorbend, and reusable these are super for cleaning plates, wiping down the side, and general all-purpose kitchen cleaning. The best thing is, they are completely biodegradable and leave no trace and no toxic plastics behind once you throw them out.

Make your own kitchen spray

Did you know you can make your own kitchen spray that is just as effective as anything you would buy in the shops, but that is way better for the environment? All you need is a glass bottle, white vinegar, baking soda and, if you like, some essential oils like lemon and tea tree, add in a bit of tepid water and shake. This makes a great all-purpose cleaner for most of the surfaces in your home. If that sounds a little bit like too much hard work, get your hands on these plastic free cleaning sachets that you can mix up with a bit of water, put in your bottle, and use right away.

Eco floor cleaner

If you are looking for something to clean your hard floors, then this tea tree and thyme floor cleaner is perfect for the job. Sustainable, zero waste, and made using only natural minerals and essential oils, all you do is sprinkle a bit into your bucket of water, mix it up and get to work!

DIY kitchen cloths

Why not make cloths for cleaning your home out of leftover fabrics you would otherwise discard? Towels are great for absorbing, cotton t shirts are good for dusting, and old tights are effective for cleaning mirrors! Before you throw away any clothing, consider what else you can use it for!

Natural gloves

Instead of opting for plastic or latex gloves, get your hands (excuse the pun) on these natural rubber  gloves from If You Care. Made from fair trade FSC natural rubber, they are hard wearing, heavy duty, and completely plastic free meaning they biodegrade once you discard them.

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