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Little Blue Hen Castile Liquid Soap Range

How to Clean Your Bathroom With Eco Friendly Products Leave a comment

How to use sustainable, eco friendly, natural bathroom cleaning products to clean your bathroom.
This is a guide to ditching all the harmful products and switching to eco friendly, natural bathroom cleaning products.


Ditch those harmful bleaches, creams, powders and sprays and get on-board with natural bathroom cleaning and start cleaning your bathroom the environmentally, eco-friendly, plastic free, natural way.

Eco rubber gloves

Perfect for natural bathroom cleaning it’s time to ditch plastic or commercial rubber gloves and slip into these natural, fair trade and ethically sourced natural, eco rubber gloves. Totally biodegradable, home compostable and plastic free they look good, work well, and are great for the environment, and your home.

Plastic-free, natural liquid soap

Ideal for natural bathroom cleaning, we love this plastic free, essential oil filled, natural liquid soap from Little Blue Hen. Packaged in an eco friendly aluminium bottle it is 100% plastic free and comes in a variety of scents like rosemary, orange blossom, lavender, and grapefruit. It is so natural and gentle, you can even use it on your face!

Natural cleaning soap

Made by Planet Detox, this solid natural soap is made using natural ingredients but is effective on surfaces, sinks, baths, taps, and tiles, leaving your bathroom sparkling and smelling fresh. This natural soap is biodegradable, zero waste and makes a great addition to your natural bathroom cleaning essentials. It is also completely free from plastic, foaming agents, or other chemicals, it is a great natural, eco friendly way to clean your bathroom.

Chemical free, eco floor cleaner

Bathroom floors need a cleaner that has antibacterial and antiseptic properties but that doesn’t mean you have to switch to harsh chemicals to get the job done. Using natural minerals and organic essential oils, this wonderful natural bathroom cleaning powder removes dirt and germs from the floor and leaves behind a wonderfully fresh aroma. It is also vegan and cruelty free and an essential when it comes to natural bathroom cleaning.

Plastic-free, eco toilet brush

An eco toilet brush is an essential when it comes to natural bathroom cleaning. Instead of picking up a plastic toilet brush, you can get your hands on an eco toilet brush that is natural, plastic free, environmentally friendly and sustainable made of natural fibre bristles with a wooden or metal handle. Not only do these products last longer but they can be recycled, or even better, they decompose naturally without any harmful impact on the environment.

Natural, eco toilet cleaner

The final essential in natural bathroom cleaning is eco toilet cleaner! Some of the chemicals we put down our toilet to clean them have a devastating impact on our waterways and the flora and fauna that lives there. Instead you can opt for this natural, eco toilet powder made from natural ingredients and packaged in a plastic free paper bag, ready to be put in a decanted at home. Suitable for septic tanks and super effective, it is also vegan and not tested on animals. 

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