Love The Planet Blusher Mineral Foundation Powder

Benefits of Mineral Makeup 1

You may have heard the hype around mineral makeup, but what is all the fuss about? Here are just some of the benefits!

Sun protection

Mineral makeup offers sun protection as its ingredients, including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are common ingredients in sunscreen. These work to provide protection from the sun’s UV rays but you should always wear a daily SPF facial moisturiser as well.

Better coverage

Continually adding thick layers of conventional makeup to your skin is not great for it, and you often have to apply a lot to get good coverage. Mineral makeup offers a high level of coverage with just a light dusting meaning there is less clogging pores and it takes you longer to get through a pot as well. This mineral blusher from Love The Planet is perfect for layering. 

More gentle

As mineral makeup is completely natural it has less chance of irritating your skin. Generic skincare often carries the risk of making skin itchy, dry, or irritated due to the chemicals that are present within. The ingredients found in mineral makeup do not clog pores and are known for being gentle. They are also free from artificial colours, preservatives and fragrances, all of which are common skin irritants.

Longer lasting

Traditional makeup can often feel heavy on your skin, sinking into lines and wrinkles after just a few hours. Mineral makeup such as mineral concealer however offers a much more lightweight feel and can withstand the heat and any sweat that comes along with it.

Promotes clearer skin

Mineral makeup suits every skin type, be it oily, sensitive, dry, or combination. It is great at preventing blocked pores and spots, as well as reigning in any underlying skin complaints that you might have. Choosing a mineral foundation is a safe choice for those suffering from eczema, injured skin, dermatitis, and rosacea.

Is natural

Mineral makeup is made of natural powders and ingredients and does not rely on chemicals or dubious ingredients such as talc. If you are following a natural skincare regime, then mineral makeup is the next logical step.

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  1. Yes, you are right sun protection protect our skin to sun, and we really use it daily at basis

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