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Bleed Green: Eco-Friendly Period Products Leave a comment

While awareness of plastic pollution continues to grow and an increasing number of us strive to prevent it, some of us unknowingly contribute to the problem once every month.

The taboos that already surround periods mean that eco-friendly feminine hygiene isn’t a subject that is often talked about. This in turn ensures that disposable menstrual products and their effects on the environment are slipping under the radar too.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We believe it’s important to be loud about this, since many period products are up to 90% plastic, equivalent to four plastic shopping bags per item. It is estimated that up to 2 billion non-recyclable menstrual items are flushed down UK toilets each year.

In addition, unnatural substances such as traces of pesticides and insecticides have been found in them over the years, which can’t be good for us or our waterways. With each product polluting oceans, washing up on shores and taking up to a thousand years to decompose, we want to let you know that something can (and should) change.

Proud to defend a period-positive, plastic-free attitude, we stock a range of reusable menstrual cups, pads and period pants that are better for you and the environment. Though you may squirm at the idea of trying reusable period products at first, preferring to throw away and forget about it, we’re certain that you’ll be surprised to learn that they’re in fact not messy and not unnatural.

The benefits of eco-friendly period products are vast, and there is something for everyone. As well as the environmental advantages, some other benefits include:

  • Comfort: Many reusable period products are just like your everyday clothing – if not better – made with premium, clever materials that put comfort first and pride themselves on absorbent, odour-free and antibacterial properties. Whether internal or external, all avoid dryness, irritation and dragging associated with standard tampons.
  • Cost: As with so many reusable products, from safety razors to wax wraps, reusable period products are much cheaper in the long-run because there is no need to replace so often. In fact with proper care, a menstrual cup can last up to 10 years.
  • Convenience: When choosing reusable sanitary protection, there is no need to remember to buy disposable products or dispose of them secretly. You will already have exactly what you need, when you need it. Especially helpful for teenage girls, reusable products mean that there is no embarrassing rustling in public toilet blocks (although we believe there is nothing to be embarrassed about).
  • Cleanliness: Contrary to popular belief, disposable tampons and pads aren’t actually sterile. In fact, while they may portray an image of cleanliness through their whiteness, they have an expiry date since they are eventually susceptible to bacteria and mould. With reusable menstrual wear, you are in control and can ensure cleanliness.
  • Health: Importantly, reusable period products are in no way associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome – a rare but life-threatening condition caused by bacteria. In addition, many women report less discomfort and pain, plus shorter and lighter periods when using natural, sustainable and chemical-free period products.


There’s no beating around the bush(!) when we say we hope that you champion a plastic-free, toxic-free period and feel no shame in encouraging others to do the same.



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