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Cleansing your skin with an eco friendly facial cleanser is an essential part of any good natural skincare regime, even if you don’t wear makeup. Over the course of the day, your pores can get clogged up with all sorts of things like pollution, sweat, dead skin cells, dust, grime, and residue from natural moisturisers and other creams. At the end of each day, you need use an eco friendly facial cleanser to wipe it all away to prepare your skin for applying nourishing natural moisturisers. But how do you cleanse different skin types, ensuring you don’t make any existing skin conditions worse but whilst still doing a good job? Here is some info on what to look out for when cleansing your skin, based on your skin type.


Dry and sensitive skin can be the most difficult to treat, especially when it comes to cleansing. With this skin type it is even more important to be able to remove all traces of grime and build up, in order to prevent reactions and irritation. The best way to go about this is to opt for natural skincare, so an eco friendly facial cleanser full of nourishing, organic, natural and vegan ingredients. Look for eco-friendly cleansers containing coconut and shea butter oil as well as natural oils. Try and avoid anything with alcohol in it, or perfumes as these can dry-out skin and cause cause added irritation.

Normal/ Combination

If you are lucky enough to have normal or combination skin, you might think you can get away with little to no natural skincare regime but you still need to take care in cleansing to maintain the status quo. Even if you are not particularly sensitive, you should still aim to use an eco friendly facial cleansers that are natural and contain gentle ingredients to ensure that there are no flare ups. Oils are great for this, and natural moisturisers that contain natural ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil are great for your skin type, not just problematic types. Similar to advice we would give to other skin types, steer clear of artificial ingredients such as perfumes, alcohol, parabens, and plastics that can irritate your otherwise pretty balanced skin.


If you have oily skin, the thought of putting oils and heavy butters on your skin might strike fear into your heart, but truthfully these are the best things for it. It might be tempting to opt for cleansers with chemicals and alcohol as you feel that they cut through the grease, but these can actually make your skin worse. It is more beneficial to go with natural skincare products and cleanse your skin with an eco friendly facial cleanser because if you dry out the skin, it signals your oil glands to produce more sebum which results in more oil slick for you. By using organic moisturisers and by nourishing your skin with hydrating natural ingredients, you can actually decrease the amount of oil that your skin produces.

Acne Prone

If your skin is prone to flare-ups of acne, you need to take extra care to make sure you are removing all the dirt and makeup at the end of the day. Reason being, if you leave anything behind, it can sink into your pores, clog them up, get infected, and cause more pimples and spots. Natural skincare is best, so look for oil-based eco friendly facial cleansers with natural ingredients such as tea tree oil that will cleanse all the layers of your skin, whilst tackling acne-causing bacteria at the same time.

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