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Living Naturally organic lip balm

Benefits of Natural Lip Care Leave a comment

Natural lip balm is a beauty essential- regardless of age, gender, or skin type, everyone can benefit from a slick of delicious, smooth, natural balm that is designed to look after one of the most delicate parts of our bodies. Whilst it can be tempting to grab the nearest tube in the supermarket, or the sparkliest, most colourfully packaged option in the chemist, these are not always the healthiest options. Changing to a natural lip balm will improve the health of your lips, as well as being more sustainable and better for the environment. 

If you need a bit of extra convincing, here are some extra reasons why you should make the switch to natural lip balm!

You don’t ingest any nasties

If you were to apply lip balm every day, you could expect to ingest up to 4kg of it over your lifetime. Does that make you think twice about what is inside your lip balm?By ensuring that your natural lip balm is packed full of gentle, non-toxic, healthy, and natural ingredients, you can lessen any potential harm that ingesting that amount of product could result in. We are mindful of what we eat and drink, and for the same reason, we should be confident that what we put on our skin, and in particular our lips is as good for our insides as it is our outsides. 

We suggest sticking to organic, natural, pesticide free, vegan friendly, chemical- free, eco products and look for natural lip balms with ingredients like nut and plant oils, natural butters, and essential oils – all of which are considerably better for you than artificial ingredients.

You support organic and sustainable production

If you shop organic, sustainable, ethical, and natural, you are supporting small, local, and even family businesses in their endeavours. For example, the products that we source all come from reputable, small-scale, natural companies that prioritise the quality and integrity of the ingredients they use. If the label says “organic” it is organic, if it says “vegan” it is vegan, and if they are certified for sustainability or ethics, you can be sure that they maintain their standards.

You go zero waste

The chances are that when you purchase a natural lip balm, the packaging it comes in will be natural as well. For example, the natural lip balms that we stock here at Peace With The Wild come in a range of recyclable, biodegradable, sustainable, plastic free, and natural packaging such as paper, metal and wood, and cardboard.

You heal your skin from within

By slathering on holistic, herbal, botanical, natural lip balms, not only do your lips look, taste, and smell wonderful, but their condition improves as well. You see, ingredients such as natural butters and oils are used because of their healing properties and what they can do for the skin, rather than just to make you think that you lips are healthy.

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