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Bain & Savon Eco-Friendly Hair Conditioner Selection

Eco Liquid Conditioners 2

If you are looking to switch to an eco-friendly, vegan, plastic free, natural conditioner, you don’t have to go for a natural conditioner bar. Just because something is in liquid form doesn’t mean its bad, after all it is about what is inside it and of course, what it comes in.

At Peace With The Wild we have chosen a selection of vegan, cruelty free, natural conditioner liquids that we feel satisfy our eco, natural, and organic requirements and offer you the ultimate in shine and health without compromising your eco morals.

Wild Sage & Co

This family run business has come up with a delicious natural liquid conditioner that is almost good enough to eat. It comes packaged in an eco glass jar with a meal lid which can be reused for all manner of things once it has been washed out. Designed for dry scalp and dandruff, this Organic Broccoli and Rose Geranium Hair Conditioner is antiseptic, antifungal and soothes an irritated scalp, leaving your hair smelling fresh and looking great. You might not be familiar with broccoli seed oil but it is something of a miracle oil which promotes healthy strong hair and stops the production of the hormone DHT which has been associated with hair loss. It is also great for taming frizz, smoothing cuticles and bringing wayward tresses back down to earth.

Bain & Savon

Another one of our favourites, Bain & Savon have created a range of liquid conditioners for normal hair, dry hair, oily hair, and itchy scalps. They come packaged in glass jars with metal lids and are 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty free as well as not containing any parabens, silicones, or synthetic ingredients. Ingredients they have chosen, include argan oil, baobab oil, organic marshmallow and chickweed oil, and hemp oil, amongst others. Handmade in Cumbria, their liquid conditioners are packed full of antioxidants and nutrient-rich ingredients that make them the perfect complement to our range of solid shampoo bars. 

Using these liquid conditioners is easy and you don’t need as much as you would with a commercial conditioner. One you have removed the excess moisture from your hair, run a pea sized amount through your hair, gradually moving it up the strands. Leave for up to ten minutes, then rinse your hair and style as usual.


  1. The link to bain and savon conditioners doesn’t work

    1. Thank you very much for highlighting this!

      This has now been amended

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