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Aloe Vera plant

Great Ingredients in Natural Dry Shampoo Leave a comment

If you are looking for a natural dry shampoo that is organic, natural, vegan, ethical, cruelty free and jam-packed full of amazing natural ingredients that will nourish and take care of your hair, then look no further. Anything with these natural ingredients in is exactly what you are after.

Arrowroot powder

This wondrous natural ingredient is often used to absorb moisture on areas such as the feet but it also works great in natural dry shampoo. As well as sucking up any moisture it comes into contact with, it is said that it also makes hair softer, smoother, and less oily, which to be honest is what you want from a dry shampoo!

Kaolin clay

This natural clay powder is also great in natural dry shampoo as it is perfect for soaking up any excess oil. Kaolinis also said to strengthen hair, repair damage, soothe the scalp, treat dandruff, encourages hair growth, and improve elasticity- what more could you want?

Marshmallow root powder

Marshmallow root powder is a super ingredient in natural dry shampoo as it not only helps with oil and grease but it is good for your scalp as well. It is known for its properties in treating ailments like dry scalp, psoriasis and eczema and it is an anti-inflammatory to boot!

Bentonite clay

This clay is great for dry and damaged hair and is and drying, just drop a bit of natural dry shampoo into it, give it a shake, and you will find your hair easier to style and will hold its shape for longer.

  1. If you suffer from split and dry ends, rubbing a bit of natural dry shampoo into them can really help. The natural dry shampoo that we stock is all-natural and full of ingredients that are vegan, organic, ethical, eco-friendly and designed to take care of your hair and by using it on damaged hair, you can help protect and repair it. 

Aloe leaf powder

Great in natural dry shampoo and used in a wide range of natural hair and natural beauty products, aloe leaf powder is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids which soothe and heal an irritated scalp. It also keeps the hair moisturised without being greasy and even stimulates hair growth.

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