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4 Ingredients Used In Natural Body Scrubs Leave a comment

Exfoliating and scrubbing your skin is an essential part of your skincare routine. Of course, as with almost everything, natural and organic products are far better for your skin and the environment. But not all natural body scrubs and vegan body scrubs are created equally so you should know what are the best kind of natural ingredients to look out for and what benefits they have for your skin. Here are some of our suggestions.

Clay – In Natural Body Scrubs & Vegan Face Scrubs

You will often see different types of clays as an ingredient in a number of natural skincare products, particularly natural face masks, vegan face scrubs and natural body scrubs. One of the most popular and effective clays is called bentonite clay and it works by drawing toxins out of the skin whilst exfoliating and softening skin, as well as reducing the signs of wrinkles. Kaolin is another popular type of clay that is used and it also works by gently exfoliating the surface of the skin whilst calming and detoxing.

Salt – In Natural Body Scrubs & Vegan Face Scrubs

Salt grains are a wonderful and completely natural exfoliator that is highly effective at sloughing off dead skin cells and restoring hydration. When using a natural body scrub or vegan face scrub with salt and you have very sensitive skin or an existing skin condition, be careful when you use salt scrubs as they can be a bit abrasive, especially if you apply a lot of pressure when you use them. In cases such as these, salt-based scrubs or salt scrubs with coarse grains are great for exfoliating elbows, feet, and other areas of tough skin.

Oats – In Natural Body Scrubs & Vegan Face Scrubs

We are sure you are aware of the oat-so-wonderful benefits of oats on your skin. We have a selection of vegan face scrubs that are calming, moisturising, and soothing. Oats are great for even the most sensitive skin and when used as an exfoliant in natural body scrubs they are gentle, being careful not to leave your skin raw. Wonderful little packets of goodness, they are also good for eczema or psoriasis-prone skin.

Oils – In Natural Body Scrubs & Vegan Face Scrubs

Oils are great additions to natural body scrubs and vegan face scrubs, starting with coconut oil. Incredibly moisturising and suitable for all skin types it is a good all-round natural ingredient with a variety of purposes. Other eco-friendly, natural oils that are beneficial in natural body scrubs and vegan face scrubs include organic essential oils such as rose and lavender. Both are known for their skin healing properties as well as for calming and soothing troublesome skin.

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