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eco bath

How To Have An Eco Friendly Bath! 1

Some ways you can make your bath more natural & eco friendly

Ways you can reduce your environmental impact each time you run a bath, lie back and relax

Are you a lover of baths and also someone that takes sustainability and environmental responsibility to heart? Then this is the guide for you. Here are just a few ways you can make your bath greener (not literally) while still getting maximum enjoyment.

Consider the temperature

There is absolutely no point in running a scalding hot bath only to add cold water to it or wait 20 minutes for it to cool down. Not only does using this super-hot water waste electricity but you sometimes end up using more than you would otherwise. Instead, aim for water that is ever so slightly warmer than you would like and use your elbow to test it. This means that by the time the tub is full, you have about 30 minutes to enjoy before it gets cooler.

Don’t fill the tub all the way

We know it can be tempting to fill the tub right to the top, but remember, you are getting in it and a lot of that water will be displaced- no offence! You really only need to fill the tub a third of the way to ensure that you are mostly covered when you get in, any more and you risk wasting water and it going down the overflow, or onto the bathroom floor.

Turn the tap off 

Make sure you turn the tap off completely both when you are in the bath, and after you get out of the bathroom. You might think that those little drip drops are harmless but they sure add up over the days, weeks, months and years. Turn that tap off properly, and if it needs fixing, fix it!

Wash your hair at the same time

There is no point in having a long bath and then taking a shower to wash your hair afterwards. Instead, use a plug attachment to wash your hair, while you are in the bath. Just be sure to switch the water off in between rinses, to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste water. 

Use eco, sustainable, zero waste, natural bathroom products

Make sure that what you put in the bath is great not just for you, but for the environment as well. Ditch anything with foaming agents, preservatives, or synthetic fragrances in and instead opt for natural bathroom products that are chemical free! Our natural bath bombs and natural bath teas are made from 100% natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients. They are also made with organic, 100% natural pure essential oils, natural butters, and of course, eco, zero waste, plastic free packaging!

Bathe by candlelight

Hit the lights and bathe by candlelight to enjoy a really natural, eco friendly bath. Switching off the lights just for a little bit will decrease your electricity consumption as well as add to a relaxing and even romantic ambience. Just remember to blow the candles out afterwards and keep them away from fabric such as clothes and towels.

One Comment

  1. Another tip – share your bath! I r been sharing mine with my partner for years – it’s a practical solution and halved the amount of water used.

    Karen Strother

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