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How to Transition to a Natural Hair Care Regime 8

If you have decided to make the switch from commercial haircare to natural hair care products such as natural shampoo and natural conditioners that contain organic, vegan and chemical free ingredients then you must be prepared for a transitional period of a few weeks or even months before you really start to feel the benefits.

Many mainstream brands use silicones and plastics to create the illusion of healthy hair. These ingredients coat the strands and make them shiny and soft, without actually having any benefit. Once you have started using natural shampoo and natural conditioner they will remove these plastics from your hair, at first you hair will feel different as it is not coated with artificial ingredients. You then need to start the process of rejuvenating the hair from the inside out, a process that can take varying amounts of time, depending on the person. The benefits, once you achieve them are well worth a short period where your hair might feel more greasy or drier than usual.

Once you first start using a natural shampoo and natural conditioner, you will notice your hair not feeling as great as usual. This is due to your body producing moro natural oils that it needs, to overcompensate for all the goodness that was stripped out when you were using synthetic shampoos. It can also feel rather sticky and waxy which is because of the various residues and synthetic chemicals that have been left behind by the previous hair products.

There is no way to avoid this process when using natural shampoo and natural conditioner and unfortunately you have to just stick it out. The one thing we can say though is that it will be worth it in the end. Natural shampoo and natural conditioner bars are super gentle and don’t strip your hair of natural oils but it does mean you need to wait for your scalp to balance out its oil production, but from then on you can expect wondrously, luscious locks.

Keep going, it will be worth it in the end!


  1. Hi there. I have been dying my heair for the last few years. It has always tended to be dry and since turning 50 my scalp can be itchy too. I have changed to more natural shampoos without SLSs and parabens but want to move to a bar. What would you recommend?

    1. Hi there, I would recommend the Fenugeek shampoo bar. This is perfect for dry hair, it contains added oat milk and rolled oats for their moisturising qualities this shampoo bar also contains fenugreek powder which is packed with lecithin which with prolonged use can benefit dryness. This shampoo bar is 100% natural so if the shampoo bars you have been using before still conain a few synthetic ingredients, your hair will need to transition. Read more on our blog called ‘The Ultimate Guide to Natural Shampoo’. Because the shampoo bar is 100% natural, it won’t strip the colour off your hair. If you only dye your hair every now and again, it shouldn’t affect the transition period too much.

  2. Hi there,

    I’ve ordered the rosemary and lavender shampoo and the conditioner for brittle hair (I have dried out hair from bleaching). I started using them both and my hair does feel waxy. I was wondering when will I know that it’s working? And how will it stop feeling waxy? It feels like the conditioner isn’t spreading well and/or not rinsing well, but I assume that’s normal? Thank you for your help 🙂

    Clotilde Barberon
    1. Hi there, the length of a transition period depends on the hair so it is hard to say an exact time! There is a few things you can try to speed it up. Check out our other blog called ‘The Ultimate Guide To Natural Shampoo’. This includes lots of tips and tricks to get through it. One of the most important things to do is to use as much shampoo as possible when washing your hair, try to create a really good lather. I also found it useful to not use a conditioner until i was through the transition period. Once through, you will find that you only need to use the conditioner on the ends of your hair as the shampoo bars are very moisturising themselves. Once your hair has rid itself of the plastic coating that synthetic shampoos leave, it will be back to its natural state and feel normal again!

  3. Do you have one shampoo that conditions too? I haven’t found a conditioner bar that I like.

    1. Hi Wendy, have you tried one of our liquid conditioners? They are a great alternative if you aren’t getting on with a bar very well. They are also 100% natural! I find that our shampoo bars are very moisturising themselves, i only need to use conditioner once a week on the ends of my hair, just when it starts to feel like it needs it.

  4. I get my hair coloured and washed at the hairdressers. Once through this transition period, would one visit to the hairdressers (using their shampoos) have an affect on my hair?

    1. Hi Liz, it is hard to say for definite as everyone is different. We have discussed this with many customers and have found that if you only die your hair once every now and again then it doesn’t affect the transition period. You may have a couple of washes where your hair will feel slightly heavier but it soon fixes itself. If you die your hair quite often then we have found that this can sometimes effect it! You can always discuss with your hairdresser whether or not they would be happy for you to take your shampoo bar with you. Some hairdressers allow it but others don’t due to hygiene reasons!

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