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How to Transition to a Natural Hair Care Regime 36

If you have decided to make the switch from commercial haircare to natural hair care products such as natural shampoo, natural shampoo bars, natural conditioners, natural conditioner bars and natural conditioner liquids that contain eco-friendly, organic, vegan, cruelty free, chemical free, palm oil free and natural ingredients then you must be prepared for a transitional period of a few weeks or even months before you really start to feel the benefits.

Many mainstream brands use silicones and plastics to create the illusion of healthy hair. These ingredients coat the strands and make them shiny and soft, without actually having any benefit. Once you have started using natural haircare products like eco, vegan, natural shampoo, natural shampoo bars, natural conditioner, natural conditioner bars and natural conditioner liquids they will remove these plastics from your hair, at first you hair will feel different as it is not coated with artificial ingredients. You then need to start the process of rejuvenating the hair from the inside out, a process that can take varying amounts of time, depending on the person. The amazing natural benefits, once you achieve them are well worth a short period where your hair might feel more greasy or drier than usual.

Once you first start using natural hair care products such as natural shampoo, natural conditioner; which could be natural shampoo bars, natural conditioner bars or natural conditioner liquids, you will notice your hair not feeling as great as usual. This is due to your body producing more natural oils that it needs, to overcompensate for all the goodness that was stripped out when you were using synthetic shampoo and conditioners. So when using natural haircare products like natural shampoo and natural conditioner it can also feel rather sticky and waxy which is because of the various residues and synthetic chemicals that have been left behind by the previous hair products.

There is no way to avoid this process when making the switch to natural hair care products using natural shampoo, natural shampoo bar, natural conditioner, natural conditioner bar or natural conditioner liquid, and unfortunately you have to just stick it out. The one thing we can say though is that it will be worth it in the end. Natural shampoo bars and natural conditioner bars are super gentle and don’t strip your hair of natural oils but it does mean you need to wait for your scalp to balance out its oil production, but from then on you can expect wondrously, luscious, healthy locks.

Making the switch to natural haircare products doesn’t have to end with natural shampoo and natural conditioner. You can also style your hair naturally too. Commercial hair styling products can damage your hair as they contain alcohol, solvents and synthetic ingredients. Therefore, if it is natural you are after, opting for eco, vegan, natural hair styling products will always be beneficial. That way you can style your hair guilt free, knowing your hairs health is maintained. Although it may take some time getting used to using a purely natural hair styling product, the benefits from the natural and vegan ingredients will leave your hair nourished, protected, soft, shiny and smelling amazing. Opting for a natural hair styling product that comes in a glass bottle or aluminium tin will also mean the packaging will be plastic free, eco friendly and sustainable. They are also more likely to be refillable and reusable, so you have a choice of whether to recycle or upcycle once you have used your natural hair styling product.

Keep going, using natural haircare products, natural shampoo and natural conditioner will be worth it in the end!


  1. Hi there. I have been dying my heair for the last few years. It has always tended to be dry and since turning 50 my scalp can be itchy too. I have changed to more natural shampoos without SLSs and parabens but want to move to a bar. What would you recommend?

    1. Hi there, I would recommend the Fenugeek shampoo bar. This is perfect for dry hair, it contains added oat milk and rolled oats for their moisturising qualities this shampoo bar also contains fenugreek powder which is packed with lecithin which with prolonged use can benefit dryness. This shampoo bar is 100% natural so if the shampoo bars you have been using before still conain a few synthetic ingredients, your hair will need to transition. Read more on our blog called ‘The Ultimate Guide to Natural Shampoo’. Because the shampoo bar is 100% natural, it won’t strip the colour off your hair. If you only dye your hair every now and again, it shouldn’t affect the transition period too much.

  2. Hi there,

    I’ve ordered the rosemary and lavender shampoo and the conditioner for brittle hair (I have dried out hair from bleaching). I started using them both and my hair does feel waxy. I was wondering when will I know that it’s working? And how will it stop feeling waxy? It feels like the conditioner isn’t spreading well and/or not rinsing well, but I assume that’s normal? Thank you for your help 🙂

    Clotilde Barberon
    1. Hi there, the length of a transition period depends on the hair so it is hard to say an exact time! There is a few things you can try to speed it up. Check out our other blog called ‘The Ultimate Guide To Natural Shampoo’. This includes lots of tips and tricks to get through it. One of the most important things to do is to use as much shampoo as possible when washing your hair, try to create a really good lather. I also found it useful to not use a conditioner until i was through the transition period. Once through, you will find that you only need to use the conditioner on the ends of your hair as the shampoo bars are very moisturising themselves. Once your hair has rid itself of the plastic coating that synthetic shampoos leave, it will be back to its natural state and feel normal again!

  3. Do you have one shampoo that conditions too? I haven’t found a conditioner bar that I like.

    1. Hi Wendy, have you tried one of our liquid conditioners? They are a great alternative if you aren’t getting on with a bar very well. They are also 100% natural! I find that our shampoo bars are very moisturising themselves, i only need to use conditioner once a week on the ends of my hair, just when it starts to feel like it needs it.

  4. I get my hair coloured and washed at the hairdressers. Once through this transition period, would one visit to the hairdressers (using their shampoos) have an affect on my hair?

    1. Hi Liz, it is hard to say for definite as everyone is different. We have discussed this with many customers and have found that if you only die your hair once every now and again then it doesn’t affect the transition period. You may have a couple of washes where your hair will feel slightly heavier but it soon fixes itself. If you die your hair quite often then we have found that this can sometimes effect it! You can always discuss with your hairdresser whether or not they would be happy for you to take your shampoo bar with you. Some hairdressers allow it but others don’t due to hygiene reasons!

  5. Will I need to go though the transition process every time I’ve been to the hairdressers and they’ve washed my hair with their shampoo?

    1. Hi there, feedback from our customers has been that if you only go to the hairdressers once every now and again, it won’t effect your transition period. We do have a few shampoos that you don’t have a transition period with so these could be a great option for if you go regularly. They are still 100%. They are; Zero Waste Path 2in1 shampoo bars, Bain & Savon shampoo tins, Awake Organics Powder Shampoo.

      1. Thanks Megan!

  6. Why do the ZWP ones not need a transition period but the others do? I like my ZWP one but would like to try others for a change of frangrance.

    1. Hi Alex, the Zero Waste Path shampoo bars contain two coconut based surfactants (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate & Cocamidopropyl Betaine). These create bubbles and a really good lather which stops you from having a transition period!

  7. Hi! I’ve just started using the Moo Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, I haven’t noticed any transition (my hair was immediately loads better than before!), I’m concerned I’m either doing it wrong or it isnt as natural as it could be. Any reassurance would be great! Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Rachael, the moo hair range does still contain a small amount of synthetic ingredients which is why your hair hasn’t gone through a transition period. It is mostly made with natural ingredients but not 100%!

  8. My hair has become very static as well as the waxy feeling and is more prone to tangles than usual. Is this part of the transition period too?

    1. Hi Carol, once you are through the transition period you should be able to start introducing a conditioner which will help with it being static and also help with the tangles! Your hair will balance out its natural oils which should battle the static!

  9. I have curly/wavey hair what styling products would you recommend to keep my curls bouncy and soft?

    1. Hi Emily, the Moo Hair Miracle Milk is amazing for defining curls and tacking frizz. The Lani Tropical Hair Treatment is also amazing for curly hair if you just use a small amount instead of a serum.

  10. Hi guys
    I’m having real problems with my hair since using Head and Shoulders to get rid of really severe dandruff. The dandruff has now gone but now my hair is so greasy the day after washing that sometimes i have to wash it daily because its so bad. My head itches but I have no sign of dry scalp or dandruff and I’m at my wits end. I feel like shaving it all off I’m so fed up. Is there anything you can suggest I do or recommend me to use to get rid of this problem? Everyone tells me I need to leave it unwashed for a few days but I really can’t do it. It’s bad enough the day after, let alone leaving it unwashed any longer than a day. I don’t know what to do…

    1. Hi Becky, Head & Shoulders is really high in sodium sulphate which is really harmful for the hair and scalp. I would recommend giving a natural shampoo a go as they are so much kinder. The Zero Waste Path for itchy scalp could be great for you to help tackle your itchiness. It might also help to use a hair mask to help nourish your scalp. The Awake Organics Scalp Scrub could be really good for this but any of our range would be as they are all natural. I am afraid that those that have told you to leave it unwashed are right. Your hair is so used to being washed it just becomes greasy again. You really need to try go a few days without washing it to sort this out. Is it long enough to tie up or wear in plaits? If so, you should be able to hide the grease and if you have tackled the itchiness it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable!

  11. Hi,
    why do Zero waste path shampoo bars don’t have a transition period? Are they not natural?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Tina, the Zero Waste Path shampoos are 100% natural. They contain a natural coconut surfactant that balances the PH. This means that your hair doesn’t go through a transition period! Lots of companies are now using this ingredient and shampoo bars are taking a new turn!

  12. Hi there,

    I have tried going completely natural since Jan, using rye flour or bicarb soda as a shampoo, though it is clean after, it doesn’t last long2-3 days and then I spend the next 8 days with tied up locks looking greasy as I’ve been trying to go through transition. I’m on the brink of shampoo again, hence looking at your products. How long would you expect you shampoo to last between washes? My hair is growing in my post partumn bald patches and my eyebrows and lashes are thicker and stronger so I see the benefits, but I’m sick of walking around with a greasy mop!!! What do you recommend? My friend who advised the natural route said I’m washing too well and still striping the sebum?

    1. Hi Karen, it could be that you are using too much bicarbonate of soda each time. I have put a link to another really interesting blog below, this goes in to detail about the bicarbonate of soda method. If you use too much bicarbonate of soda, you do end up stripping the sebum and your hair works overtime to try replace it which results in it producing too much sebum and looking greasy. If you do decide to go back to a shampoo, you should be able to use any as you will have already transitioned.

  13. Hi there,
    Please could you advise which shampoo and conditioner would be best?
    I live is a slightly hard water area (112.4 ca mg/l)
    I have a wave to my hair (which is often frizzy). I feel like it is thin and damaged but my hairdresser explains that the strands themselves are thick. The ends get dry but like for most people, the roots can get oily.
    Thank you!

    Rebecca Taylor
    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks for getting in touch.

      We’ve found that the Zero Waste Path range is great for areas of slightly hard water. I’d recommend the ‘Dry/Curly’ specifically given the information above.

      All the best,


  14. Hi there

    I’ve just found you and I’m wondering which shampoo and conditioner you would recommend for grey hair please? It’s maybe a wee bit on the dry side but not very dry. Oh, and vegan friendly please. Thank you.

  15. Why do the Bain and Savon tins not have a transition period but their other shampoo blocks do? Also, why does hard water affect some natural shampoo transitions?

    Sorry for all the questions, I hope you can help me understand! Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Lauren.

      The Bain and Savon shampoo bars do not cause a transition period because they are PH based rather than soap based.

      Hard water makes it trickier to work the shampoo suds into, and out of, your hair because of the reaction that occurs between the natural shampoo and the minerals in the hard water. This reaction can form insoluble compounds which are particularly difficult to wash away

      I Hope this helps !

  16. Hi, I would like to move to the natural hair care products but I need advice on what to buy. I am over 60 and have fine, grey hair which I wash every day. Our water is soft. Please can you advise which shampoo and conditioner bars I should try?

    1. Hi Debbie,

      I have a few recommendations for you .

      Firstly i would highly recommend our Zero Waste Path 2 in 1 bar for oily and fine hair. I always recommend this product range to our customers as they are very nourishing and our customers love them !

      if you prefer a liquid shampoo then i would recommend our Bain & Savon luxury shampoo with essential oils. This shampoo is great for bringing volume to your hair and is may seem more familiar compared to a shampoo bar.

      I hope this helps !

  17. Hi, I’ve been using natural shampoos for a while now and I have always the same problem. My hair feels okay or slightly dry for just a couple of days and then gets super oily and I need to wash them frequently, which I’m trying to avoid cause I have a problem of hair loss and thinning at the top of my head mostly. I have wavy to curly hair that tends to be dry especially at the ends, but they get oily at the roots very quickly. I live in an area with moderately hard water which definitely does not help, but also I’ve noticed that shampoos and hair products for wavy/curly hair are just too moisturising/waxy for me while others are too drying. Not sure what to do! What would you recommend as shampoo bar for my situation?

    Many many thanks for helping me out 🙂

    1. Hi Fredrica,

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      Would you like to email me regarding this so I can ask a few questions and find the perfect product for you?

      You can reach me at [email protected]

      Kindest regards

  18. Hello, what shampoo and conditioner would you recommend for a 5 year old, thick, curly hair, dry scalp and sensitive skin

    Also what you recommend will it be suitable for thick curly hair in general and for finer curly hair(3 years old) if not please could you give me options for these too
    Thank you

    1. Good afternoon
      Thank you for getting in touch.
      I have looked into this for you and below are some links to some products I think will be suitable for what you are looking for
      In terms of a conditioner unfortunately we don’t have one targeted at children but our range would be suitable as they don’t contain any harmful ingredients
      Please note I am not medically trained and I do advise doing a patch test first. If you need any advice please contact your GP
      Kind regards

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