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A guide to using eco friendly finishing powder

If you aren’t sure how to use eco friendly finishing powder, here is an easy to get to grips with guide to give you a helping hand.

Considering shelling out for a finishing powder but not sure how to use it? Or perhaps you want to honee your technique. Fear not, here is the Peace With The Wild guide to using one of our sumptuous finishing powders.


  1. Finishing powder tends to be sheer so that it won’t interfere with the makeup you have already put on but you still need to choose a shade that is as close to your true skin colour as possible.
  2. Apply your other makeup first- this includes primer, foundation, concealer, blusher, bronzer, highlighter and eyeshadow. Finishing powder, as the name suggests, should be the last step of the process.
  3. If you are only using finishing powder, make sure your skin has been cleansed and moisturised and that any residue has had time to sink into your pores. Your face should be dry and moisture free to avoid any patchiness or clumping.
  4. Choose a wide, soft brush with dense fibres and broad shape to ensure maximum distribution of powder across your face.
  5. Sprinkle a bit of powder into the lid, or lightly sweep the brush across the palette.
  6. Swirl the brush, laden with powder, around the lid to evenly distribute and then gently blow off any excess.
  7. With light, sweeping and circular motions, brush the powder lightly across your face, starting from the centre and going outwards. Ensure you cover the full face and then blend downwards onto your neck.
  8. You are good to go!
  9. If and when you run out of finishing powder, don’t worry because we also stock handy refills!

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