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4 Great Ingredients Used In Natural Deodorants 1

How many of you that use antiperspirants can explain what ingredients are in them and what they do? The truth is that many of the chemicals and ingredients such as aluminium are not that great for your health and actually exacerbate the problem you are trying to fix. 

If you are considering making the switch to natural, here are some great ingredients to look out for!

Is there anything that coconut oil isn’t good for? This wonder oil is a staple in many divine skincare products but did you also know it makes a great deodorant? Coconut oil is an antibacterial which means it can help to kill off some of the bacteria that lurks in your pits, just waiting to start smelling. It also hydrates the skin and prevents irritation so is great for those who are a little more sensitive.

Aloe vera is also a great ingredient in natural deodorants because it tightens the pores without blocking them. This means sweat production is limited ever so slightly so that the bacteria that causes body odour can be fought off. It has also long been used for its healing and anti-inflammatory purposes and is great for shaving cuts and irritation caused by pesky ingrown hairs.

Shea butter is antibacterial and anti-fungal meaning it is a great ingredient for natural deodorants. In addition to this it is non-comedogenic which means it will not clog your pores like many other moisturisers. It has been shown to reduce dark armpit skin as well as helping out with ingrown hairs, bumpy skin, or other kinds of irritation.

Charcoal is highly porous and can absorb between 100-200 times its weight in impurities, making it a great ingredient for deodorant. The way it absorbs bacteria and toxins- the culprits of armpit smells- means that you can stay fresh and smelling lovely, all day long.

Artificial fragrances can irritate skin as well as delicate noses. Instead it is better to opt for deodorant that utilises essential oils both for their skincare benefits as well as they pleasant aromas. Citrussy oils, lavender, and peppermint are all popular due to their fresh smell and their cleansing and soothing properties. You can find these and more in many of our natural deodorants.

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