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A Guide To Switching To Natural Deodorant 1

There are always some people out there who say “oh I tried natural deodorant once but it didn’t work for me”. What they may not realise is that if you have been using commercial antiperspirants, your body needs to go through a detox phase when you swap over. The truth of the matter is that your aluminium-laden rollon is probably making you smell worse and if you switch to an aluminium free alternative, it can take up to 30 days to detox effectively.

What can I expect?

You can expect to transition for between two to four weeks and during this time, you might find you smell a bit stronger than usual After some time however, you will find the smell goes completely because your body and its good bacteria has restored its natural balance.

The first week you might not notice much difference but this is because the aluminium in your antiperspirant ‘plugs’ up your pores, preventing you from sweating. As these plugs clear, you can expect your detox to enter the next stage. As you enter week two, there will be a big increase in the growth of bacteria under your arms. You may feel additional moisture because your body is now sweating, flushing out all the toxins that were trapped there before.

By week three, your bacteria levels will have begun to subside (phew!) and the bacteria that occurs naturally under your arms will begin to re-balance and stop overproducing odour. You should also notice a decrease in the amount of sweat that you produce, but please note that you will still produce it. We recommend wearing natural fibres like bamboo, cotton and linen as they are much more breathable meaning sweat and bacteria can evaporate more easily, away from your skin.

As you move into week four, your body should have adjusted to your new natural deodorant. Whilst you will still sweat (because that is healthy), by continuing to use a natural deodorant you can neutralise any possible smells.

This might seem like a scary process to embark on but trust us, it is worth it in the end because ultimately you are taking a decision that is healthier and better for your body and the environment.

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  1. Thank you! This is very very helpful, I was starting to doubt organic deodorant but I despised using toxic commercial deodorant. I hate it when products harm your body, the environment and overall make you feel unpleasant. This helped me understand natural organic deodorant.


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