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Eco Glitter Fun Pinky Eco Glitter Set With Brush And Bag

Making Up A Festival Face With Eco Glitter Leave a comment

How to add eco sparkle to your natural, vegan makeup without impacting the environment.

Eco friendly, biodegradable glitter and eco, biodegradable glitter sets are a great way to add  eco sparkle to your natural, vegan makeup look without impacting the environment around you.

Heading off to a festival this year and starting to consider your ‘look’? If you are a seasoned festival veteran and a bit of a whimsical kid at heart, the chances are that biodegradable glitter is in your festival makeup bag, or if you are a pro you may even have a biodegradable glitter set. When you have been living in a field for the best part of a week and look, and feel like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards- do not fear, eco friendly, biodegradable glitter is here to bring back your sparkle.


With a number of leading festivals set to ban plastic glitter in the coming years, it would do you well to be a step ahead of the crowds and source your eco friendly, biodegradable glitter and sustainable, biodegradable glitter sets today. Here is a guide to applying eco, biodegradable glitter for the best possible festival face.

1. Choose your biodegradable glitter or biodegradable glitter set

One of the toughest decisions you will have to make is which biodegradable glitter to go for. Thankfully we stock a sustainable collection of biodegradable glitter and biodegradable glitter sets in a wide range of eco colours from gold and silver, right through to all the colours of the rainbow. We also have biodegradable glitter in a variety of textures including fine, coarse, and downright chunky meaning you are spoilt for choice. In terms of what the eco-friendly, biodegradable glitters are made of, they are made of plant-derived cellulose which is totally natural, vegan, cruelty free, sustainable and biodegrades when it comes into contact with soil and water for an extended period of time.

2. Get the right equipment

You are more than welcome to just put the biodegradable glitter all over you but when it comes to natural, vegan makeup, it is better and more economical to use a eco, vegan makeup brush that is specially designed for the job. Some of our biodegradable glitter sets even have a bamboo, vegan makeup brush included. First up, you need to use a bit of aloe vera gel and dab it onto the areas that you want the biodegradable glitter to stick. This helps the biodegradable glitter stay in place for longer and lessens the amount that falls off and is wasted. Then, put a small amount on the eco, vegan makeup brush, and dip the vegan makeup brush into the eco friendly, biodegradable glitter of your choosing.

3. Slather the biodegradable glitter on

Using the eco, vegan makeup brush, dab some of biodegradable glitter onto your face adding more if you feel like it. If you have a biodegradable glitter set you may want to apply multiple shades at the same time. If you have gone in hands first, dab it in ‘dotting’ motions where you want it. If you have gone for the biodegradable glitter beard look, just dunk it into the pot.

4. Get your groove on

Sustainable, biodegradable glitter applied, you are now eco glittered-up and ready to go!

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