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Planet-Saving Shaving In A Throwaway Society Leave a comment

Shaving is becoming more disposable and more expensive, but by adopting a ‘buy once, buy better’ mentality, you can begin the simple journey to zero-waste shaving.

Switching to a reusable safety razor is one of the easiest eco-swaps there is. Great for the environment and your wallet, saying goodbye to disposable shaving will help save the millions of plastic razors entering landfill each year, and save you from replacing your razor multiple times a year.

Why make the swap

It’s all in the name… disposable razors are made to be disposed of. Since the 1970s, disposable razors have become a marketing dream, with ever-changing lubricating strips, extra blades, moving heads, rubber gills, flexballs, contours and more, all encouraging us to constantly replace them.

While they might be seemingly exciting, cheap and effortless, they are also hugely wasteful and have sadly become a norm for today’s throwaway culture. Found on the shelves of most supermarkets and health and beauty stores, disposable razors are not easily recycled.

Made from a mixture of materials which are difficult to separate, they usually end up in landfill. And with 5.5 million people in the UK using disposable razors annually, that’s a lot of unnecessary waste. So, it’s more important than ever to contribute to lowering this number.

What to expect

The safety razor has been around a while – 120 years to be precise – so it’s fair to say that it can be trusted. With a single, sharp blade that is easily recycled, the reusable safety razor requires a slightly different technique. Though it can’t be used in a slap-dash way, you will get a closer shave if you use it correctly.

It’s important to lather up, which you can do with a traditional, natural shaving cream or a vegan shaving soap and brush, like the ones we stock here. Then you’ll need to find the right angle since, unlike a disposable razor, you can’t take a flat-to-the-skin approach but rather a 20-30-degree angle.

Take your time and let the razor do the work. Avoid applying any pressure, as the weight of the razor’s head will be enough to shave the hairs without scraping the skin. There’s no need to rush the job, especially when you have a sharp blade.

When you are ready for a new blade, which is different for everybody depending on several factors, simply unscrew the head of your razor and carefully swap it out. The used blade can be recycled in your metal recycling bin or popped into a blade bank for safe storage and disposal.

From brands dedicated to planet-shaving saving such as Shoreline Shaving and Munity, to all-round zero-waste companies such as Bambaw and Upcircle, there are a range of safety razors and accessories available. Watch our ‘how to’ video on Instagram, to find out exactly how to use a safety razor to reduce your plastic waste and improve the quality of your shave.


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