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Plastic Free July – Week 4 Leave a comment


Being Eco-friendly At Festivals

Once the fun is over and it’s time to go home you start packing up your tent when you realise what a huge mess everyone has left. Festivals should be great fun where people can let loose and enjoy themselves but it certainly shouldn’t be left in such a terrible state!

Many UK festivals have made a pledge to become plastic free by 2021 because of the crazy amount of waste left behind from festival-goers, it is insane the rubbish that people left behind.
It is a massive issue but there are definitely conscious steps we can take to make our festival experience more eco-friendly and in turn way more fun!


Here are a few of my favourite tips on keeping your festival experience plastic free and eco-friendly:


Choose Biodegradable Glitter Over Plastic! 


eco glitter fun merry go round themed coloured glitter set
Biodegradable Glitter – Merry Go Round

I am a massive fan of glitter, always have been and always will be…I have always loved pretty things and glitter is my favourite. However, glitter made from plastic is actually a huge issue and a major contribution to plastic pollution!

Plastic glitter is so tiny it’s difficult to clear up and can escape into the environment especially down our drains and into the sea. It’s extremely harmful for marine life and other animals who could easily end up eating it!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up the beautiful sparkles you just switch up your glitter for biodegradable glitter.

Our eco glitter is made from a compostable cellulose film (mainly eucalyptus trees) from sustainable plantations. Meaning it will safely biodegrade when it comes into contact with water or soil! They also come in glass bottles which are recyclable or reusable.

Amazing I know, which is why I love it so much, you now don’t need to worry about your glitter polluting the environment at all!


Pack A Reusable Water Bottle 


stainless steel water bottle by Jerry
Stainless Steel Bottle

Now I know I pretty much say this on all my social media and every blog I have ever written but trust me it is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to cut out plastic!

By taking a reusable water bottle it will save you using a tonne of plastic water bottles which could end up as litter on the floor! Not to mention plastic free reusable bottles fair much better in the heat! You may even encourage other festival-goers to think about using a reusable bottle rather than plastic.

The bigger UK festivals listed below state they definitely do have drinking water stations available where you can refill your reusable water bottle:

Isle of White Festival
V Fest

If you are unsure if the festival you are going to has drinking taps or not just check the official website or email them and find out. But most festivals now are becoming more conscious of the environment making sustainable and eco-friendly choices easier.


Drink Beer From A Reusable Cup


Plastic cups are right up there with plastic water bottles which are left littered all over the floor after a festival or event!

If you can have the glass bottle go for that but if not instead of getting a plastic cup at the bar ask them to refill a stainless steel cup or even your reusable drinking bottle, this will save you so much plastic waste by the end of the festival.

alcohol ale bar 159291


Refuse The Plastic Straw

stainless steel straws
Stainless Steel Straws


Plastic straws are one of the worst single use plastic because they are used for such a short time before they are thrown away. There are so many plastic straws that end up in the sea where they continue to be ingested by marine life causing all sorts of harm.

It is so important we try to stop using plastic straws and choose a reusable option instead such as the stainless steel or bamboo straw!

These reusable straws are great for taking to festivals, think of the huge amount of plastic straws you won’t need to use!


Take Reusable Food Containers And Cutlery


Even if you can’t make your own food at a festival

cotton net produce bag with lunch box and bottle
cotton bag lunch box bottle

it’s a great idea to take your reusable food containers

and cutlery. Food vendors will happily serve your dinner in your own container if you ask them nicely, it saves you using a plastic tray or box and you can easily save some food for later!

Stainless steel clip top containers are especially great for taking to festivals as they are so durable and secure!

bamboo spork and cork travel set
Bamboo Spork & Cork

The Clean Up After


If you do end up with a plastic cup or other rubbish make sure to throw it in the bins provided and encourage your friends to do the same. Most festivals will have specific labelled bins for recyclables, food waste and other waste so ensure you are putting your bit in the correct bins.

At the end of the festival when gathering your belongings and packing up, make sure to throw away any rubbish that has accumulated in your camp no matter how hungover you are, you will feel so much better for cleaning up rather than leaving it. Others may even follow you and start cleaning up after themselves.


Don’t Leave Your Tent & Sleeping Bag


I actually went to a festival in America a couple of years ago where they had a scheme that if you wanted to donate your tent and any belongings to the homeless then you could leave your tent up with everything inside you wanted to give away.

We were given a special tag that we left on our tent to show we had given permission for them to take it at the end of the festival.

This is a fantastic way to use all the tents and sleeping bags left behind but if this isn’t offered at your festival please don’t leave it to litter the field. I know it can be an absolute blag to take it down but a tent is designed to be reused and throwing it away after a festival is extremely wasteful. It can be cleaned and used again which will actually save you money and help the environment in the long run….trust me you won’t regret it when you need it for that next camping trip or festival.


camping campsite grass 116104


Travel In Groups

Help reduce your carbon emissions and car share with your friends or if you can get public transport. If

people driving in a convertible car

you are driving and have spare seats put a post up on the Facebook event or other social media and offer those seats to others.

Car sharing and making sure all your seats are being used is so much greener and a great way to meet new people!




Just remember that your individual effort does make a difference and it will make your festival experience so much more enjoyable and positive!


Is there anything I haven’t mentioned? Do you have any more tips?

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