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Practising a plastic-free lifestyle: What, why and how? (Part 2) Leave a comment

Plastic Free July is well underway, a month-long initiative that challenges our throwaway society and the need for single-use plastic. We believe this global movement is not only an eye-opener, but a great opportunity to make changes.  

You can take a look at the facts and figures on why we dream of a world without plastic in part one of our blog, but in the second part, we’ll be looking at a few more areas where you can make the switch to a plastic-free lifestyle.

Conscious cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, many popular products on the market contribute to the plastic problem. In most households, you will find various bottles around the home  – from laundry detergent and hand soap to antibacterial spray and toilet cleaner. Sadly, a significant amount of these are thrown away rather than recycled, often since their mixed materials make them difficult to recycle.

But it’s never too late to start a clean slate, and try some plastic-free cleaning alternatives. In mid-July, we’ll have 15% off our range of earth-conscious laundry and cleaning products. This includes our Ecoeggs, an environmentally-friendly laundry solution which are helping to save the planet, one egg at a time. Guaranteed for 10 years, reusable and refillable, free from chemicals, microplastics and palm oil and dermatologically-tested, you can’t really go wrong.

Green gardening

If you garden, you probably use plastic. That’s okay – so do the majority of the gardeners in the world. It’s a grey area, as most gardeners are definitely showing up for the planet and all life on it, but they likely don’t know about sustainable gardening alternatives. In many gardens, you will find plastic pots, seed trays, netting, compost bags, mesh, plant labels… The list goes on. But we’re not here to judge, simply to open up the gates to new possibilities.

We’ve spent a lot of time growing our range of natural gardening products that are made with vegan, organic, natural and sustainable materials. Supplied in plastic-free packaging that can be recycled or reused, these eco-friendly garden alternatives hope to help your garden flourish in the kindest possible way. Shop beebombs, seedboms, natural herb growing kits, and garden essentials on offer in late July, and become that greener gardener you always hoped to be.

In part one of our Plastic Free July blog, we consider eco-friendly bathroom swaps such as sustainable skincare and harmless haircare. Don’t miss it!

Written by Hannah Stark

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