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Some great natural tips for improving your dental health
There are many ways you can make your dental routine more environmentally friendly, check out our tips here.


Oil pulling

Also known as “kavala” or “gundusha” is an ancient technique, rooted in Ayurvedic dental care that involves swirling oils around your mouth, on an empty stomach for at least 20 minutes. This draws out toxins from your body and helps to improve oral health and your health in general. You can use oils such as olive oil or coconut oil for this, or you can try out an oil pulling mouthwash from Georganics.


Switching over to natural dental care products such as toothpaste, mouthwash and floss is a great way to improve your dental and overall health without putting chemicals in you, and down the plughole. You might think that eco products may not be as effective, but they are. Just because something comes with a fancy advert, graphics, and claims does not mean it is necessarily better for you.


Take another step towards a plastic free lifestyle and ditch plastic toothbrushes, plastic mouthwash bottles, plastic toothpaste tubes, and plastic floss in plastic containers. There are so many great alternatives out there that you can go for instead!

Turn the tap off

The average family can save up to 750 litres of water a month, just by turning off the tap when each family member brushes their teeth. This way, not only will you save water but you will save money as well!

Avoid things that stain

Both tea and coffee are culprits for staining teeth so try to limit your intake, or brush after you drink it. Likewise, red wine, cola, fruit juice, curry, balsamic vinegar, berries and all the fun stuff can also leave unsightly stains or discolouration on your teeth and should be avoided or limited

Cut back on harmful food

In order to keep your teeth healthy and in good condition, there are certain foods and ingredients you should really cut back on. Anything with processed sugar is a no-no so sweets, jellies, and even chewing gum should be avoided. Likewise, bread, ice, citrus, dried fruit, and alcohol can all cause harm and should be eaten with care.

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