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A Guide to Environmentally Friendly Dental Care Leave a comment

A guide to keeping your teeth clean with eco products
A guide to keeping your teeth and gums clean whilst ensuring that you use environmentally friendly products.

When it comes to natural dental care, what sorts of products can you find and how do they better from their commercial counterparts?

Tooth brushes

The average person should go through around 280 toothbrushes in a lifetime which results in a whole lot of plastic being used and then discarded into landfill. Thankfully there are other solutions such as wooden or bamboo handled brushes with natural fibres- these do just as much of a good job, but without the negative environmental impact.


Dental floss is an essential part of any dental care routine and should be done once a day, before you go to bed. Flossing regularly can reduce plaque by up to 80% and can help with issues such as gingivitis, bad breath, decay. Instead of using floss from the chemist or supermarket, we recommend using one made of natural fibres, coated with natural ingredients, and packaged in a plastic-free container. Conventional floss can be dangerous for your health, as well as pose a significant risk to wildlife once it has been discarded.


Toothpaste is perhaps one of the most important products in your bathroom cabinet and should be used at least twice a day after you have had you breakfast and dinner. Designed to be brushed onto your teeth to clean, brighten and maintain the health of your teeth, it comes in a variety of flavours and formats. We can offer pastes in spearmint, peppermint, orange, and tea tree, or tablets in thee same flavours. We also have flouride-free tablets and tooth powder with activated charcoal- it is just up to you to choose which one you want to try first!


Once you have brushed and flossed, you should be sure to finish your routine with a splash of mouthwash. Swill it around and spit it out to enjoy a fresh feeling, reduced and calmed gums, prevent tartar build up, lower the risk of gingivitis and plaque, and kill germs. You can use it in the morning and evening, and even after meals during the day to keep your mouth clean and healthy. We stock a range of tabs and oils that are great for the job, whilst being ever-so environmentally friendly.

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