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Looking to eco-transform your makeup bag by ditching the plastic and synthetic ingredients? Then you are in the right place. This is the Peace With The Wild guide to eco friendly, organic makeup.


Primer should be applied after moisturiser and before any foundation or concealer. Its purpose is to keep your makeup in place, creating a smooth, matt canvas for the rest of your artwork. It also helps to minimise pores without drying skin, and makes it feel soft to boot! Smoothe it on, give it a moment to dry and absorb into the skin and then move onto the next step.


When it comes to foundation, you have two choices; powder or liquid. We stock both varieties including vegan mineral powder, creamy compact foundations, and silky liquid foundations– all of which come in eco packaging, use natural and organic ingredients and guarantee a picture perfect, yet natural complexion. 


Once you have applied foundation, you should attack any uneven patches, dark circles, or blemishes with one of our lovely concealers. Whether you opt for a powder or a stick, just dab it on where you need it and then blend it in to the skin that surrounds it. 

Finishing Powder

Now that you skin is looking and feeling flawless, you can apply a light dusting of finishing powder on top. Brush it across your t-zone and cheeks to add the final touch to your visage. Depending on the look you are going for, we have shiny, or matte varieties all of which come in sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging.


For that youthful, dewy, sculpted look that we all aspire to, check out our selection of powder or cream highlighters. Just dab them on the bridge of your nose, and your temples to add some very on-trend sheen to your look.

Blush and Bronzer

Blush and bronzer is an essential step, injecting a bit of colour into your look. Again, we have cream or powder blushers and some divine bronzers to add that sunkissed, healthy glow all year round. Whether you opt for a ZAO cooked powder, or a Fat & The Moon lip and cheek stain, you will embody the picture of rosy health whilst ensuring that your quest for beauty, doesn’t negatively impact the planet.


Next up it is time to apply your eyeshadow. Taking an eyeshadow brush, sweep the powder across your socket, adding accents of darker or lighter shades where necessary. We love these matte eyeshadows from Zao, or if you are feeling more adventurous, these sumptuous mineral eyeshadows from Love The Planet.


Whether you are after a smokey, smudgey look or high-definition cat eyes, we have the eyeliner for you. Choose from Eye Coal for a bold but undefined look, or  ZAO felt tip/liquid eyeliner for wings and lines that will make you feel like a 50’s pinup. Each product is made with organic ingredients and packaged in reusable or biodegradable packaging.


When it comes to mascara, you have two options; the conventional tube with a spoolie included, or a mascara cake that you apply with a spoolie or brush. Either way, we have you sorted. The Bain & Savon Mascara Cake can also be used for your brows and comes in both black and brown shades.


Last but not least, is lipstick. Often the most fun, exciting, and interesting step of applying makeup, we have made sure to include lots of fancy shades and finishes in our range. Your lips need extra TLC, especially when applying colour so we have been careful to select products that moisturise your lips whilst providing a colourful hue. Whether you are after a matte paint finish, a traditional lipstick, or a stain that will leave just a trace of subtle colour, we have covered them all.

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