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Removing Makeup the Eco Way 2

For many years, we thought that to really remove all traces of makeup from your skin, you would have to use a harsh cleanser and disposable cotton pads to get any kind of success. Thankfully now we have realised the error of our ways and we know that there are lots of eco-friendly solutions for those looking for a greener skin-care regime.


First up, you need to consider making the switch from chemical-based products to more natural and more effective methods. The best way to start is with a solid cleanser that uses body heat to melt into your skin, getting right into your pores to remove layers of makeup, pollution and other types of grime that accumulate there during the day. These vegan solid cleansers from Lamazuna are tailored for different skin types and are organic, cruelty free, biodegradable and come in plastic-free packaging.

Alternatively you can use a cream or oil, but pick something that will initially soak into your skin, drawing out any dirt and makeup when you remove it. 


Commercial toners often contain alcohol which makes your skin feel momentarily fresh and cool, but in reality can aggravate delicate skin by upsetting its natural PH. Opt instead for formulas that contain rose water, witch hazel, and aloe vera which cleanse the skin whilst moisturising and nourishing at the same time. Other ingredients to keep your eye out for include tea tree oil and lavender all, both of which help soothe troublesome skin and keep you feeling and looking fresh.


Whilst the environmental impact of your cotton pad might be the last thing you are thinking of at the end of a long day, the reality is that disposable makeup removing tools can be rather bad for the environment. Wipes contain a plethora of plastics and are both non-biodegradable and bad for your skin and cotton pads are just tossed in the rubbish, ending up in landfill and contributing to the global waste issue.

Switching to reusable, eco options is the obvious solution and nowadays you can choose from sustainable bamboo nail polish removal pads or bamboo reusable makeup remover pads. Bamboo is naturally soft and anti-bacterial and the products we sell use only sustainable sources. Alternatively you can try reusable cotton versions and as long as you take care to rinse them and wash them regularly, you can be sure that they will be even better for your skin than their disposable counterparts.


  1. Can you put your make up remover pads in the washing machine, when they dry will they be soft enough to uses on the delicate skin around the eye area?

    Louise Martin-Rueda
    1. Hi Louise, the make up remover pads are washable at 40 – 60 °C. We recommend air drying and not ironing. Also try to avoid using fabric softener as sometimes this can cause your make up remover to run off the pads when applied! If you find this is happening, just slightly dampen the pads before you add your remover.

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