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The Benefits of Natural Fibres on Your Skin Leave a comment

When we buy clothes or search for fabric, very few of us really wonder where it has come from, but perhaps we should. Thinking about how our fabrics were created, as well as whether they are good for us, and the environment should be at the forefront of an eco-conscious individuals mind.

What are natural fibres?

Natural fibres are fabrics that are made from natural raw products. They include cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo, and jute. Fibres from these plants are then spun to create yarns that are made into fabric. They can then be used as eco cloths, reusable cotton rounds, sustainable makeup removers, reusable wipes, reusable sanitary products, amongst others.

Why are they good for your skin?

The advantage of these fabrics is that they are moisture wicking, biodegradable, breathable, durable, naturally repellent to mould and dirt, and even heat responsive. All of these are great benefits if you are using them on your skin, and if you buy organically, they are also free from pesticides and chemicals that can harm and irritate skin. In addition to this, man-made fibres such as viscose, nylon and polyester can cause reactions in sensitive skin causing itching, rashes, and irritation.

Here are some popular natural fabrics that are used in skincare and their benefits.

Cotton– Naturally hypoallergenic, cotton has enti-bacterial qualities as well as being super soft. It is gentle on sensitive skin, is incredibly versatile and is breathable and easy to clean. Its softness makes it superb for using to remove makeup and wash away dirt from you skin. 

Linen– Did you know that linen is the oldest fabric known? Derived from the flax plant is is durable, washable, and hypoallergenic. It also dries quickly and is resistant to a lot of use, making it great for use as washcloths and towels. 

Bamboo– Fibres derived from the bamboo plant can be spun into super soft, durable, and very breathable fabrics. Commonly used in reusable nappies and reusable sanitary pads, bamboo is extremely absorbent and is great for combating any smells or breeding of unsavoury bacteria. It is also great for reusable nail polish remover pads and sustainable washcloths too!

Hemp- Made from the cannabis plant, hemp is very durable and strong as well as being resistant to mould. It also resists bacterial growth and is great for preventing odours so you can find it used in a wide range of different skincare and skincare fabric products.

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