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Step-By-Step Eco Bathroom Cleaning Leave a comment

A guide to eco-cleaning your bathroom.

How to get your bathroom spic, span, and free from nasty bugs and bacteria without resorting to using toxic chemicals.

Looking to clean your bathroom the eco friendly way? Here is a step by step guide to doing it, including the perfect ingredients for getting the job done (tea not included).

1. Get prepared

Before you dive in and start scrubbing, it’s best to get yourself prepared beforehand. That means, getting your natural rubber gloves on and mixing up your cleaning products using your plastic free cleaning sachets. Just get your glass spray bottle, empty one of the sachets into it, add water and you are good to go.

2.Clean the toilet

Cleaning the toilet has to be one of the least fun jobs possible, but someone has to do it! Instead  of pouring buckets of bleach and toxic chemicals down the loo, we suggest you reach for a natural toilet scrub powder that is tough on toilets, but gentle on the environment. Sprinkle it into the toilet bowl, use a brush to build up a lather, leave for a few minutes and flush. 

3.Take care of the surfaces

When it comes to the surfaces in your bathroom you need to ensure that they are clean, clear and free from any residual bugs and nasties. This doesn’t mean you need to blast them with the strongest chemicals you can find, oh no. Look for natural surface cleaning soaps that contain natural antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal ingredients like tea tree and eucalyptus instead. 

4.Buff the floor

Last but not least, after you have taken care of all the rest, it is time to clean the floor. This gorgeous tea tree and thyme floor cleaner kills germs and bacteria and leaves the room smelling fresh, without using any toxic chemicals. Just add a tablespoon to a bucket of hot water, stir, and mop.

5.Have a cup of tea

Because you deserve it!

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