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Styling Hair the Natural Way 1

Looking to make your hair look amazing without negatively impacting the environment or resorting to using too many chemicals? Then this is the blog for you. Read on for the Peace With the Wild guide to styling hair the natural way.

Preparing the hair

The basis of any good hairstyle is healthy, clean hair and the best way to achieve that is through the use of organic, natural shampoo and natural conditioner, ideally ones that are plastic free as well. Using natural products that are free from nasty chemicals and ingredients there to ‘fake’ the feel of healthy tresses significantly improves the health, feel, and look of your hair. Of course, if you don’t have time to wash and dry but you still need to look on form, then you can always use a natural dry shampoo with vegan friendly and organic ingredients such as these from Primal Suds to give you and extra day or two grace before you need to lather up.

Get rid of all the knots

Once you have given your hair a good shampoo and condition, you need to remove any knots or tangles. We suggest using a natural hair rinse  with vegan and organic ingredients to suit your hair type as they help to detangle, remove product build up and add shine. Frequent brushing or combing, when done properly can increase blood flow to your scalp, stimulating hair growth. It’s best to opt for a natural wooden or sustainable bamboo, environmentally friendly hair brush or natural hair comb as not only are they eco friendly, vegan, kinder to our planet, but they are kinder on your hair as well.

Add a styling product

If your hair’s a little on the wild side, you may want to run a natural styling product through the ends to tame it. We have some lovely vegan, natural styling creams, waxes and clays that come in metal tins and are totally environmentally friendly. Scented with lemongrass, cedarwood, or sandalwood, they also make your hair smell divine.

Tie it up and you are away

Once you have washed, rinsed, and combed your hair, you are ready to progress to the last step in the natural hair styling process. If you like to tie your hair up and out of the way, we stock a superb range of organic, plastic free, eco hair ties that come in different colours to suit your hair type, or mood. Eco hair ties that are made from eco-friendly, organic cotton and all 100% biodegradable, you can sweep up your hair into your style of choice, without feeling guilty about using plastic- based products.

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