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almond oil

6 Super-Moisturising Ingredients For Hair 1

Shopping for a plastic free, eco-friendly, zero waste, vegan, cruelty free, organic, natural conditioner? Not sure what natural ingredients to keep your eyes open for? Here are six of our favourite natural ingredients you can find in natural conditioners; such as natural condition bars and natural conditioner liquids for the ultimate in shiny, well conditioned and healthy hair.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is great in natural conditioners, whether using a natural conditioner bar or a natural conditioner liquid with this natural ingredient in, it doesn’t matter. Cocoa butter does wonders for your skin, but if you are looking for an intensive treatment for your hair that can even help it grow quicker, look for a natural conditioner bar that is packed full of this lovely natural ingredient. Known for its healing and softening properties, it can work wonders on dry or damaged hair, leaving it silky and in tip-top condition.

Argan oil

Not only does argan oil smell positively divine but it is great for deep conditioning your tresses, making it the ideal vegan, natural ingredient to go in natural conditioner. An age-old beauty secret it works by penetrating deep into the shaft of your hair, hydrating and softening from the inside out. A natural conditioner bar or natural conditioner liquid that is full of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids it increases your hairs elasticity and injects it with vitality and shine.

Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil is a great organic ingredient in natural conditioners, natural conditioner bars and natural conditioner liquid as it contains all sorts of healthy, vegan, organic, natural ingredients such as fatty acids, phospholipids, magnesium and vitamin E. When combined, these nourish and strengthen your hair, providing healing relief from damaged hair and hair loss.

Broccoli seed oil

You might not be familiar with broccoli seed oil, but trust us, it is a wonderful vegan, organic, natural ingredient, particularly in natural conditioners. Full to the brim with hair-nourishing vitamins like vitamin C and B6, it makes your hair strong yet smooth whilst eliminating any pesky fizziness. So if you do come across a natural conditioner bar or natural conditioner liquid with broccoli seed oil make sure you don’t miss it.

Hemp oil

Hemp oil is an amazing natural ingredient for just about anything but it really comes into its own in natural hair products. In natural conditioner bars and natural conditioner liquids it has some amazing benefits and is known for its ability to stimulate hair growth. It also helps to lock in moisture while nourishing and protecting your hair from the potentially damaging environment around you, making it the perfect ingredient for natural conditioners.


Marshmallow is great in natural conditioner bars and natural conditioner liquids! Marshmallow is delicious in sweets but did you know that it also helps to thicken and condition your hair? In a natural conditioner it is great at detangling knotted locks and can also help relieve the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and dry scalps. Marshmallow root is also an amazing ingredient in vegan, natural hair masks just leave the mask on for a few minutes and let the soothing and slippery properties get to work – leaving hair smooth and tangle free.

So next time you are on the look out for a new natural conditioner; whether that be a natural conditioner bar or natural conditioner liquid make sure you check out what is in them and take this list of eco-friendly, vegan, organic, natural ingredients with you! Or browse our hand-picked collection of natural conditioners, natural conditioner bars and natural conditioner liquids, all natural and supplied in eco-friendly, plastic free, zero waste packaging.

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