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Essential Oils , blossom tree

The Need to Know on Essential Oils Leave a comment

Essential oils in skincare-what you need to know!

We all know that essential oils are good for the soul but what about using them on your skin? The benefits of organic essential oils go far beyond aromatherapy and deep into the layers of your dermis. For almost every skin complaint or issue, there is an oil that can help fix it.

This is a guide from us to you about the importance of using organic oils, making the transition to natural, essential oil-based skincare, and what type of oils are good for you depending on your skin type.

Why Organic Oils?

At Peace With the Wild, we insist on only selling products that include the finest ingredients- this includes organic ingredients such as essential oils. But why is it so important to use organic essential oils?

organic skincare range peace with the wild
organic skincare from peace with the wild

Essential oils are extracted from plants- the seeds, skin, flesh, leaves, and even flower petals. If that plant has been treated with pesticides or other forms of chemicals, these can remain and

make their way into the oil, in varying amounts. Of course, these chemicals are not good for you or your skin and regardless of whether there is a lot or not much present in your oils, we would prefer there not to be any at all.

Organic oils are made with plants that have been grown without the use of chemical-laden pesticides. This means that when you smother your skin in one of our carefully curated skincare products, you can be sure that it is all natural, all healthy, and all beneficial for your skin.

What You Need to Know

When you switch to all natural skincare such as our specially created Peace With The Wild range, you may notice a few differences, particularly if you have been using a commercial brand before.

Many mainstream, non-natural varieties include a number of ingredients that are designed to make your skin feel silky smooth, without actually providing any benefit. Silicone-based moisturisers are laden with plastics that form a barrier on top of your skin- this locks in moisture but also keeps sweat, bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells inside as well. Whilst it might feel smooth and soft on your skin, the reality is that such creams can cause blocked pores, irritation, and breakouts.

We also don’t include water in any of our essential oil based creams because not only does it make your skin more greasy, but the mix of oil and water together means that we would have to include an emulsifier to enable them to mix. These chemicals can form carcinogenic compounds and also means we would need to use parabens which are not great for you or your skin.

The first time you switch to a brand such as ours, you might notice your skin feels a bit different- perhaps it isn’t as smooth at first, but try not to worry! This doesn’t mean that the cream isn’t working for you, it just means that there are no artificial ingredients giving the illusion of healthy skin, and instead your skin needs a bit of time to let the ingredients get to work on giving you beautiful skin from the inside out.


Dry Skin

Those that suffer from dry skin often find that they are sensitive as well, that means that whatever moisturiser you use has to be kind, gentle, and lovingly formulated to provide extra special care. One of the best oils for dry skin is ​palmarosa oil​ which is wonderful for helping the body retain moisture. When applied on the skin, or included in a product like our Organic Whipped Face Cream for dry skin, it keeps the skin moist and youthful whilst reducing symptoms of dehydration. This oil goes deep- beyond the surface of the skin and moisturises from the inside, relieving any inflammation and keeping your skin super soft.

organic hand butter unscented
organic hand butter unscented

Organic frankincense oil ​is also great for dry skin as it helps to protect your skin cells as well as soothing irritation, dry, and chapped skin. It is effective at rejuvenating tired or damaged skin and has anti-ageing properties as well!

Another wonder oil for dry skin is the​ oil of the macadamia nut​. We have used this oil in abundance in our unscented for dry skin Organic Whipped Face Cream. Perfect for healing dry, sore, or chapped skin, it is highly emollient and easily absorbed as well as containing linoleic fatty acids which lock in moisture to your skin.
Jojoba oil ​and ​hemp oil ​can also be found in our creams for dry skin as they can enhance collagen production and work wonders on healing troubled, damaged, or irritated skin.

Another superb essential oil for dry or irritated skin is ​cedarwood​ that can be found in our Organic Shaving Cream. With its earthy smell and its anti-inflammatory properties, it is also great for acne, scars, and for soothing the symptoms of eczema. Some people may be hesitant to use citrussy oils on dry or sensitive skin, but we love ​sweet orange oil ​and its caring, nourishing properties. In fact, we have included it in one of our Organic Whipped Hand Butters and our Organic Luxury Whipped Body Butter due to its wonderful and dry-patch-busting properties. We love the way that it fights any signs of redness and promotes the clarity, radiance and smoothness that dry skin so often needs.


Mature Skin

As our skin gets older, it needs a special kind of TLC and we have identified the best ​organic oils ​and ingredients for the job in our range for mature skin.
Our Organic Whipped Face Cream and our Organic Luxury Whipped Body Butter with Rose Geranium and Patchouli is just what your skin needs as it begins to age. ​Rose geranium oil has a

organic whipped face cream mature rose peace with the wild
Organic whipped face cream mature rose peace with the wild

number of properties in healing and skincare and it is particularly known for its antioxidant properties that ​studies show​ can help to reduce the signs of ageing. It helps the skin to heal from any exposure to environmental toxins and its anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and reduce any irritation or redness.

organic whipped face cream mature unscented peace with the wild
organic whipped face cream mature unscented peace with the wild

We combined this with ​organic patchouli oil​, not just because we adore its earthy scent but because it is pure magic on the skin. It has a variety of uses in skincare such as preventing acne, healing dry and cracked skin, and helping to ease dermatitis. As well as these practical uses, its aroma is renowned for relaxing, easing stress and anxiety, and bringing a smile to weary faces. In our unscented face cream for mature skin, we have eliminated oils with a strong scent and instead included​ jojoba oil​ and ​apricot oil​. The latter is known as a great ingredient for anti-ageing creams and is packed with vitamin E, antioxidants, fatty acids and essential fatty acids that are perfect for protecting and rejuvenating older skin. ​Jojoba oil ​is a great anti-inflammatory which has been shown to help repair damaged skin as well as treating conditions such as eczema and in particular rosacea which tends to affect those over 40.

As well as smelling delicious, did you know that​ vanilla oil​ is also great for combating the signs of ageing? We have added it into one of our hand creams because not only does it help your skin look youthful but it can help to prevent skin damage as well.


Normal Skin

If you are lucky enough to benefit from having “normal skin” then you might think you can get away with a minimal skincare routine, but don’t be fooled- you still need to smother your skin in love and luscious ingredients to ensure it stays healthy.
In our unscented for normal skin Organic Whipped Face Cream we have used lashings of ​hemp oil.​ This is a great all-purpose ingredient that is known for balancing the skin- therefore helping to

organic whipped face cream
organic whipped face cream

keep your normal skin, normal. It moisturises your skin without clogging pores and keeps you just the right amount of moisturised without being too greasy or drying. ​Organic hemp oilalso has anti-ageing properties so even if you aren’t considering the impact of ageing on your skin, hemp oil ​will take care of it just in case.
Safflower oil​ is an oil that we use in a number of our skincare products due to the fact it gives skin an unmistakable glow as well as being a fantastic hydrator. It works by helping the skin to retain moisture as well as promoting elasticity.
Frankincense​ is another great essential oil for normal skin and we have included it in our Organic Whipped Face Cream for normal skin because we love the way that it combats signs of ageing whilst also reducing any blemishes and minimising any pesky pores. We combined it with organic​ Lavender essential oil– ​a truly wonderful oil that soothes, heals, and calms any flare-ups or irritations. Other than that, it smells divine and is well known for helping with relaxation and sleep.



Oily or Problem Skin

Oily skin can be a nightmare to treat and you might think you would be crazy to put yet more oils on it,

organic whipped face cream oily skin tea tree
organic whipped face cream oily skin

but you would be wrong! There are a number of oils that are perfect for easing oily skin, including ​tea tree oil ​and ​eucalyptus oil, both of which are included in our Organic Whipped Face Cream for oily skin types.

Tea tree oil ​has been used for centuries, perhaps even millennia as a tonic for the skin but it is especially known for fighting oil and pimples that can pop up as a result of too much slick. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and it can also calm redness and other irritations that can sometimes trigger the overproduction of oil. This oil penetrates deep into the skin and helps to unclog pores and blemishes as well as disinfecting them, helping to avoid further flare-ups.

You may have used ​eucalyptus oil ​when you have a cold, but did you know that it is great for your skin as well? Its antiseptic and antibacterial properties are great for fighting any acne or spots that may be tempted to form and is great at cutting through grease to leave your skin soft, moisturised, and balanced. Bonus is that when it is combined with tea tree oil, it smells incredibly crisp and fresh and you can almost imagine it busting the slick on your t-zone as you massage it into your skin.

Lemongrass essential oil ​is also super effective on oily or problematic skin. It has great fungicidal properties and it also helps to minimise pores, limit oil secretions, and tighten your skin. We have added it into our shaving cream to help keep freshly shaved skin in check.






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