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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products

Our Top 10 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products 2

When it comes to bathroom and hygiene products, you would be pretty hard pressed to find any that aren’t supplied in single use plastic containers. For many out there, the stacks of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles that line their baths and showers is just the norm and something the majority are used to now.

But what happens to all that stuff once we’ve used it up? Some of it gets recycled and you guessed it, made into more plastic – with the rest going to landfill and possibly finding it’s way into our oceans.

Even when the plastic does start to break down in 500+ years, it’s breaking down into smaller and smaller fragments causing more and more issues to the environment, wildlife and marine life that also call this place home.

It’s only when we take a step back and look a little closer, do we realise, actually – we have a problem that goes much further than just littering out bathrooms. So what can you do?

Below we’ve put together a list of our absolute favourite eco-friendly bathroom products you can buy today to transform your bathroom into a plastic free paradise! We love them all and we’re sure you will too!

#1 – Bamboo ToothbrushTruthbrush set of bamboo toothbrushes

On average a person goes through 4 toothbrushes a year, so millions of toothbrushes are ending up in landfill and the ocean each year in the UK alone. The answer to this problem is the bamboo toothbrush! Made with a bamboo handle which takes approximately 6 months to biodegrade.

The bristles used are nylon though, so simply snap off the head and the rest can go in the compost! Bamboo toothbrushes are a quick and easy swap to a more sustainable alternative.

#2 – Natural Toothpastered mandarin natural toothpaste Georganics

Right next to all the plastic toothbrushes in landfill, probably sits all the plastic toothpaste tubes used to fuel all that brushing! Made using natural, organic ingredients such as coconut oil and supplied in glass jars, Georganics have done an awesome job of creating an eco-friendly toothpaste alternative without making any compromises.

However, if you’re looking for a more traditional feeling toothpaste with fluoride, checkout our Denttabs Toothpaste Tablets.

#3 – MouthwashGeorganics natural mouthwash tablets

Supplied in lovely looking glass jars, Georganics oil pulling mouthwash and mouthwash tablets is another eco-friendly swap that instantly cuts out the plastic waste associated with your oral hygiene routine. Once finished, simply pop the bottle in the glass recycling or reuse it elsewhere.

Available in a range of flavours to suit all tastes.

Georganics dental floss#4 – Dental Floss

Dental floss is usually supplied in small plastic boxes, or in plastic packs with plastic individual use dental picks/harps.

Once again, Georganics have addressed and solved the issue! Their eco friendly dental floss comes in an attractive glass tube with a metal lid. The floss is plastic free, made using bamboo charcoal fibre or ahimsa silk.

#5 – Solid Shampoo Barsbain and savon shampoo bar collection

It’s just become normal for us to have our baths and showers towering with plastic bottles of shampoo’s, conditioners, bodywash etc. It’s just like one big plastic polluting advertisement from these brands every time we jump in the shower. Solid shampoo bars are the way forward. Handmade here in the UK by our good friends over at Bain & Savon – they last absolutely ages, work brilliantly and are supplied in 100% plastic free packaging. Try them out, your clutter free bathroom and environment will thank you for it!

solid conditioner bar normal hair bain and savon collection#6 – Solid Conditioner Bars

If you’ve just switched to a solid shampoo bar, then you’ll probably be switching to a solid conditioner soon too! Just like solid shampoo bars, they really do last!

Again, made by the awesome team at Bain & Savon they have done a great job at creating an eco-friendly alternative that does a great job with minimal impact to the environment.

#7 – Shaving Kitsmutiny shaving safety razor gift set

Take a quick trip to the supermarket shaving isle and you’ll have a hard job of finding a way to shave that isn’t a disaster for the environment. You’ll find disposable plastic razors, sold in plastic packets, with plastic razor blades to attach to your plastic razor, to use with your shaving soap sold in a plastic tub….Do all these items need to made of plastic? The short answer, no. If you’d like fix this then it’s time to go back to a more traditional way of shaving – using a Safety Razor. Made with a solid wooden handle and stainless steel head, with replaceable blades in a cardboard packet. Better still, these safety razors can last a lifetime if cared for.

primal suds vegan soap bars group shot#8 – Natural Soap Bars

Once again we’re back to the concept of bathrooms being cluttered with bottles of body wash and shower gel. But here’s the answer…soap bars! All our soap bars have been hand made here in the UK by small upcoming brands who share our same ethos. Handcrafted using natural ingredients and supplied in 100% plastic free biodegradable packaging, these soaps and the brands that craft them are the way forward when looking at ways to reduce the waste coming from your bathroom. Did we mention they look and smell amazing!

#9 – Soap Dishescoconut shell soap dish flower design

If you’ve switched to using natural soaps or solid shampoo/conditioner bars, you’re going to want to get your hands on a soap dish. They’re the best way to store your soap or shampoo bars, ensuring they dry quickly after use thus extending their lifetime. Pair your soaps with a eco-friendly soap dish, such as our coconut shell soap dishes.

100% biodegradable and made by reusing natural materials, they look great next to the bathroom sink.

#10 – Toilet Rollwho gives a crap recycled toilet roll

Last on our list but certainly not least important – toilet roll.

Who Gives A Crap have made it their mission to create an eco-friendly toilet paper brand with a real cause behind it. They manufacture their toilet roll using 100% recycled paper, with their whole product and packaging fully biodegradable. Better still, Who Gives A Crap donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets in developing countries.

There you have it, 10 of our favourite eco friendly bathroom swaps you can use today to start making a difference!


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