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Eco makeup bags are an essential when it comes to storing your natural, vegan makeup products and keeping them all in one place! They provide convenience and being a handy travel size, they are perfect for when on the go. Eco makeup bags are quite versatile and can be used for many other uses, not just makeup. So, we thought we would let you know what else you can use your sustainable, eco makeup bag for…

Eco Makeup Bag

Yes, the most obvious is using your eco makeup bag for your natural, vegan makeup products. Perfect for keeping all your vegan makeup essentials within easy reach, they also prevent spillages and leakages. Eco makeup bags are very convenient when travelling, just pop into your luggage and off you go.

Natural Haircare Bag

Using your eco makeup bag as a storage bag for your natural haircare products is so useful. They are the perfect size to store eco hair ties, environmentally friendly hair brushes and any other natural haircare essentials you may have. Their handy size means they can be carried in your bag while on the go.

Eco Jewellery Bag

Everyone loves jewellery and it is important that your jewellery is looked after. Our sustainable, eco makeup bags are made from organic and natural cotton that is soft, protective, and will not scratch gold, silver, or steel, perfect for storing your most precious jewels.

Eco Stationary Bag

Another handy use for your eco makeup bag is as an eco stationary bag! Store your eco pens, natural pencils, and any other stationary essentials all in one place. Whether at school, university, work or home, their size makes them the perfect eco stationary bag for wherever you are.

Eco First Aid Kit Bags

Everyone has a first aid draw or cupboard that is there for storing all your bamboo plasters, eco tape, pharmaceuticals, and other first aid essentials. But why not store them in a handy bag? Use your eco makeup bag to store your bamboo plasters and first aid needs, that way you can take them with you wherever you go.

Eco Purse & Coin Bag

Everyone is guilty of having that cup, jar or piggy bank for storing their spare coins, but what about keeping them in a natural, sustainable, travel size, eco makeup bag? That way you will never be short on change; you can even keep it in your car in case you need a few coins to pay for parking.

Eco Wash Bag

Eco makeup bags can also be used as an eco wash bag. Store all your natural body care and wash essentials in one place perfect for when travelling, on holiday or even just for keeping your bathroom tidy and clutter free.

Eco Beach Bag

Beach bags are an essential when on holiday and ideal for storing all your natural suncream, lotions, sprays, and holiday accessories. So, why not use your eco makeup bag which will help prevent sand getting in and spillages from leaking into your luggage or main bag.

Eco Sunglasses Bag

Everyone needs to keep their sunglasses protected and if you can do it the eco way, then that is even better. Our eco makeup bags are made from organic and natural cotton which is soft and protects your sunglasses from getting scratches.


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