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Fat And The Moon Lip Paint Clay Idol

Why You Should Switch to Vegan Makeup Leave a comment

Your skin absorbs as much as 60% of whatever you put on it and as we wear makeup for at least 8 hours a day, what is in our makeup can have a big impact on our skin health. Commercial makeup can be full of all sorts of nasty ingredients, most of which end up inside our bodies and bloodstream. If you had to choose between plant oils and waxes or petroleum by-products entering your body, it is most likely that you will opt for the more natural, organic, vegan makeup option.


So what ingredients should you really keep your eyes open for and try to avoid? Here are some of the worst.


Formaldehydes-These are common preservatives used in a range of commercial skincare and beauty products. The problem is that they can cause a number of skincare reactions including contact dermatitis.


Fragrances– Lipsticks, powders, and even eyeshadow can contain artificial fragrances and if “fragrance” is listed on the ingredients, it could contain as many as 200 different chemicals. These chemicals can irritate your skin as well as trigger respiratory issues and allergies.


Parabens– Used as preservatives, parabens are by-products from the petrol industry and are known to cause skin irritation amongst other, more serious issues.


Paraffin– Again, derived from petroleum, this product can come in the form of a wax or oil and is used in many makeup products. Apart from the fact it is the leftovers from fuel, it is also comedogenic which means it clogs your pores, leading to all kinds of skin issues.


Cyclomethicone and siloxanes- Widely used in makeup and moisturisers, these silicone-based  compounds are often used to smooth and make the skin appear like it is hydrated. It is thought that these chemicals can be harmful over time as well as being toxic to wildlife.


Butylated hydroxy Toluene- Found in lots of lipsticks, eye shadows, lip glosses and creams, this preservative penetrates the skin and remains in the fatty tissue. It then metabolises in the body creating free radicals, which believe me, are not as fun as they sound.

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