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Love The Planet Storm Mineral Eyeshadow

A Guide To Eco Friendly Eyes 2

A guide to eco friendly eye makeup and how to apply it

A guide to eco friendly eye makeup including vegan mascara, vegan eyeshadow and vegan eyeliner, and how to apply it.

Looking to make up your eyes the eco friendly way? Not sure where to start? You are in the right place! Here is the Peace With The Wild guide to perfect peepers without having a harmful impact on you, your eyes, or the planet!


Vegan Eyeshadow

To make your eyes pop and add a splash of colour to your face, you need to get your hands on some gorgeous eco friendly, natural, vegan eyeshadows. We stock literally every colour under the sun and you can choose from palettes, powders, pearly, matte, or wax consistencies that can be applied with your fingers or a brush. We even stock a eco, natural, vegan makeup palettes and one that has a range of gorgeous vegan eyeshadow shades to suit whatever the occasion. All of our vegan eyeshadows come in reusable, refillable, recyclable and plastic free containers meaning you are free to dazzle without having a negative impact on the planet! Our range of eco, natural, organic, vegan eyeshadows and vegan eyeshadow palettes are made with various different natural minerals that lend different colours to the products.


Vegan Eyeliner

When it comes to natural, organic, vegan eyeliner there are two different options we recommend- solid or liquid vegan eyeliner that will give a smudgy or sharp look respectively. Natural eye coal is great for a punky, messy, or sultry look and it can line both the top and bottom of your eyes, giving you the definition that you need to stand out from the crowd. Alternatively we have wonderful sustainable, refillable liquid vegan eyeliner that will have you feline (get it?) amazing with 50s style flicks. They come in bamboo tubes and can be refilled again and again, therefore cutting down on your consumption of plastics. If you want to try something a bit easier, ZAO also have a felt tip vegan eyeliner which gives you slick ticks but with a bit more control with the application.


Vegan Mascara 

Last but not least, you need to finish your look with long, full, and thick lashes. We stock two different varieties of natural, vegan mascaras, they are vegan mascara cake and conventional style vegan mascara tubes with brushes.

Vegan mascara cake is a bit more advanced to apply but it offers a wonderful sultry, soft look that can take you from day to night with ease. Simply run a vegan mascara spoolie through the compact and brush it through your lashes, adding more coats of the vegan mascara depending on the intensity of your desired look. Our vegan mascara cake comes in an eco, reusable tin and is packed full of natural ingredients that are palm oil free, chemical free and cruelty free.

If you prefer more conventional natural, vegan mascara, you can opt for our tubes and brushes from Zao. Enriched with natural, organic ingredients like aloe vera, acacia gum, and avocado oil, you can condition your lashes whilst looking incredibly glamorous.  These two vegan mascaras are 100% natural, cruelty free, chemical free and eco-friendly! They also come in eco, bamboo tubes that can be refilled time and time again and all you need to do is clean the vegan mascara brush thoroughly in between each tube.


  1. Hi, I have very watery eyes, and find my mascara runs down my face, so usually look for a waterproof mascara. Could you tell me if any of your mascaras would be more waterproof than others, please

    Gillian Besant
    1. Hi Gillian,

      Thank you for getting in touch.

      None of our mascaras are waterproof , however the choice with the most resistance i would say is Zao.

      The reason the mascara isn’t waterproof is because natural mascaras do not contain plasticisers which create a waterproof effect.

      If you have watery eyes this may be because of a lack of natural oils being released into the eye. This is due to glands being blocked in the eye. I had the exact same problem until i saw an optician who recommended i used a heated eye mask on an evening. simply leave on the eyes for 10 mins every other day and after a few weeks you should see a difference which will continue to improve 🙂 Conveniently enough we sell a stunning eye mask that i use all the time!

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