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Zao Dark Brown Liquid Eyeliner And Wand

How To Use Vegan Eyeliner Leave a comment

You can switch out your eyeliner for an eco friendly, natural, organic, vegan eyeliner alternative

A guide to switching to a natural, plastic free, eco friendly, organic, vegan eyeliner


Liquid Vegan Eyeliner

Liquid vegan eyeliner is amazing! Made with natural, certified organic ingredients that are vegan and cruelty free, what makes them even better is that they are refillable. Using liquid vegan eyeliner and using it well is something of an art form. Those of us who have used it before know all too well the pain of doing a whole eye, adding vegan eyeliner on one side, and then not being able to get it to match on the other! But practice makes perfect and the finished effect is well worth the tears and tantrums in between.

To apply the vegan eyeliner, first decide what kind of line you want- thick or thin. For thick, you need to apply more pressure, for thin, you apply less.

For use on the upper eyelid, close your eyes and paint the vegan eyeliner with short strokes, close to the roots of your eyelashes. The best way to do this is by closing your eyelids and using a finger, gently pulling up the skin at your eyebrow so that the skin on your eyelids is taught. Begin at the centre of the eyelid and draw a line out to either side. Thin lines are best for small eyes because the more of the eyelid that is covered, the smaller the eyes look. Once you have applied it, wait a few moments for it to dry before opening your eye.


Solid Vegan Eyeliner

Solid vegan eyeliner is great, made with 100% natural, vegan ingredients that are cruelty free and palm oil free, they are a super alternative to commercial products. The best way to apply solid vegan eyeliner is with a fine, slanted eco makeup brush. First of all, apply a bit of face powder or vegan eyeshadow to your eyelid depending on the look you are going for. If you choose not to wear vegan eyeshadow, dusting a bit of face powder over the lids will help the vegan eyeliner to stay on longer. 

Then take the brush and run it across the palette being sure to evenly distribute the product across the brush. Then tap along the top lash line in small sweeping movements to make a line. If you want to use product on the lower lash-line, take a clean finger and load it up with a bit of vegan eyeliner before sweeping it across the water line. Scrunch your eyes closed to transfer some of the vegan eyeliner to the top lid and use your fingers to smudge it a bit more to get the desired effect.

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