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lemon oil

Great Natural Cleaning Essential Oils Leave a comment

Some of the best essential oils for getting things cleaned.
If you want to use natural cleaning products, look out for sprays, soaps, and cleaners containing these essential oils


If you want to change to natural, gentle, and most importantly, safe natural cleaning products then you might be a bit unsure of where to start. To come to your rescue, we have put together a list of some of our favourite essential oils that you can find in some of our cleaning products, or that you can add to your own DIY products at home.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil not only smells fresh but it is wonderful for cleaning your home. With natural antibacterial properties, it kills nasty germs without having a harmful effect on you.

Eucalyptus oil

This strong-smelling oil also has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities so it is perfect for use around the home. It is also great for eliminating any unpleasant, lingering odours.

Lemon oil

Nothing smells fresher than lemons and that is just one of the reasons why lemon oil is great in natural cleaning products. It is also an antiseptic and can deodorise any surface it is used on.

Thyme oil

Made from the leaves of the thyme plant, this oil is a strong, natural, and versatile antiseptic and it also has some antibacterial properties as well.

Rosemary oil

A wonderful addition to any soap, spray, or cleaning product, rosemary oil is both antibacterial and antiseptic. It smells divine and is particularly nice when used on the skin, or in laundry products. 

Peppermint oil

It is not just the smell that is great when it comes to peppermint oil as it also has powerful antibacterial properties. A great addition to homemade cleaning products, or natural, organic cleaners, it is especially good to use in bathrooms and kitchens.

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