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What’s Lurking in Your Cleaning Products? 2

Some of the chemicals lurking in your household cleaning products
Let’s take a look at some of the chemicals that are lurking inside your household cleaning products.


You might think that because you see cleaning products advertised on television and on the shelves in your local supermarket, that they are all totally safe to use. Unfortunately, many of these items are dangerously toxic and contain ingredients that will shock you. Here are some of the words offenders and where you can find them, so now, you will know how to avoid them!


These chemicals are usually found in fragranced household products like air fresheners, hand soap, fabric soaps and even the soap you wash your dishes with. Most products won’t list they include phthalates, but if they list ‘fragrance’ you can be sure they are in there. These nasties are endocrine disruptors and according to a Harvard study, can cause interference in male and female reproductive systems. Instead, you should opt for products that use organic essential oils to make them smell nice or anything that does not list “fragrance” as an ingredient.


Found in most dish soap and hand soap, usually labelled as ‘antibacterial, triclosan is an aggressive antibacterial that has the ability to promote the growth of bacteria that is resistant to the medicine. Furthermore, there is little evidence that this kind of antibacterial actually benefit us. And if that was not bad enough, when triclosan enters the rivers and streams it is toxic to algae as well.


This chemical is commonly found in kitchen, window and multipurpose cleaners and it gives them that sort of sweet smell. A “glycol ether”, it is a powerful solvent that can cause sore throats, watery eyes, and if you were to ingest it- potential serious harm. Instead of using products that contain it, you can use eco-friendly versions or even make your own.


Ammonia is found in a wide range of cleaning products and it is a powerful irritant. The elderly, those with asthma or breathing issues will be affected the most but people who have regular exposure can even develop chronic respiratory issues as a result. When mixed with bleach, it can even create a poisonous gas that is even more dangerous for inhalation. Instead opt for products that contain plant extracts, essential oils, and other natural ingredients.


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