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Looking to do laundry the eco way? Here are some tips!
Doing environmentally friendly laundry doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are some easy and simple steps you can take.


Looking to make a change to eco-friendly washing of clothes? Look no further, we have put together a guide to help you every step of the way! These are some of the steps you can take!

Use natural soaps

There are lots of alternatives to using harsh chemicals to clean clothes. Some of our favourites are egg-shaped! Eco eggs come in a variety of scents and last for 70 washes before you have to refill the pellets. They are free from harsh chemicals and the eggs completely replace the need for detergent and conditioner. Just pop them in with your washing, and remove once the cycle is complete. If you are stuck on the idea of using a powder, we have a solution for that as well. Planet Detox offers two natural powders scented with rose geranium or lavender and both can be used for machine or handwashing. 

Upgrade your washing machine

Are you washing machine older than you? If the answer is yes, you really should consider upgrading it. Older models consume more power and more water and don’t do such a good job at getting stuff clean. An investment in an energy-efficient, more modern model will save you money and make your clothes washing a little less damaging for the planet.

Ditch the dryer

Dryers are great- convenient, quick, and they make your clothes nice and warm which is particularly nice in the winter months. BUT, do you really need to use it? Think of all the extra power that is consumed and ask yourself “is a warm bottom really more important than the future of the world?” If you really are set on drying your clothes in a dryer, you can invest in Dryer Eggs by Ecoegg that dry your clothes up to 28% quicker, whilst making them smell lovely. Oh and they are hypoallergenic, reusable, cruelty free, and natural.

Turn down the heat

Did you know that you don’t need to do your laundry on a high heat setting to get optimum results? If you turn down the temperature to 40 degrees or below, uses as much as 57% less electricity! This means that not only are you doing your bit for energy efficiency but you will save money on your electricity bill as well, hooray!

Use a washbag

Did you know that when you wash synthetic fabrics, particles break off and go down the drain? These microplastics end up in the rivers and oceans before inevitably being consumed by fish and turtles having a toxic effect on them. Putting your nylon, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics in a wash bag like this one from Guppyfriend is a great way to prevent the shedding of microplastics.

Don’t use plastic pegs

If you are going eco friendly with every other aspect of your laundry regime, then you should go eco friendly with your clothes pegs as well. These bamboo beauties from Go Bamboo come in a pack of 20 and are biodegradable, plastic free, and recyclable. 

Do full loads

It can be tempting to throw on a half load if you are in a hurry to wash your favourite shirt, but please don’t! Half loads, even on the half load setting still use a lot of water and power, and it is much more economical to just wait, or manage your laundry more efficiently to only do full loads.

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