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Relish and chutney are a great way to turn a good meal into a great and delicious meal. We have chutney and relish that are plant-based. The ingredients for these items are sourced from those that will get thrown away by supermarkets and grocery stores. When food items don't look good, have bruises, and are overripe, they get thrown away because no one will buy them. However, the company creating these vegan chutneys and relish takes these food items that could be thrown away and puts together these fantastic vegans and relish chutneys for you to enjoy.

Some items like spicy tomato relish are made using too ripe or blemished tomatoes that neither restaurants nor supermarkets can take. Those tomatoes that are the wrong size, colour, and shape go into making this fantastic relish. You'll find the relish full of flavour, filled with spices, and will make a brilliant addition to your meals.

Since these chutneys and relishes are as natural as possible, they contain twice the amount of fresh ingredients, unlike traditional ones. They also contain fewer added substances like sugar. This makes these items healthy and good for your belly. The ingredients used to make these items are sustainably sourced produce.

Eco-friendly vegan chutney and relish

These vegan chutneys and relishes are the best to take your meal from an 8 to a 10. The ingredients used to make these items are sustainably sourced and come in plastic-free glass jars. You'll enjoy delicious sauces by purchasing these items while saving the world from more food waste. They are 100% vegan and come in recyclable packaging.