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Bamboo Lunch Boxes For Lunch On-The-Go

Bamboo lunch boxes are a far more eco-friendly, sustainable alternative than plastic when lunching on the go! There are so many lunchtime meals and snacks that come in disposable packaging, although these options may be convenient they are not the kindest to our planet and end up doing a lot more damage than good.

Did you know disposable food packaging directly contributes and is responsible for a variety of environmental issues such as greenhouse gas emissions and plastic and litter pollution in our oceans and on land. Not only that but disposable food packaging is putting increasing strain on landfills across the world, as not all waste is able to be recycled. Plastic also takes hundreds of years to biodegrade, which breaks down into microplastics and pollutes the environment, goes into waterways and enters the food chain.

Littering our planet with this type of food packaging is detrimental to its health and ours! Opting for eco alternatives that are reusable, zero waste and sustainable will help reduce your use of plastic and carbon footprint.

Making the switch to an eco friendly, bamboo lunch box is an easy eco swap that benefits you and our planet and can be done with minimal effort. As well as being eco friendly, bamboo lunch boxes are also very practical! Bamboo is a very durable, natural material that means it is robust enough to put in your bag and go on an adventure.

At Peace With The Wild, we stock a bamboo lunch box by Nought which is in a stylish Scandinavian design, perfect for storing food and snacks, breakfast, lunch, or evening meal. What's great about bamboo is that it is one of the worlds most renewable materials. It is also super easy to clean and ideal for keeping food fresh! Shop bamboo lunch boxes that are made with you and our planet in mind.

Bamboo Lunch Boxes That Are Eco Friendly

Discover our range of bamboo lunch boxes that are made using sustainable bamboo and bamboo fibres. Bamboo lunch boxes are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic and disposable food bags. They are also an essential when it comes to lunch on the go! Supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused, shop eco brand Nought and lunch the eco friendly way.