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Looking to increase your brow definition but not sure where to start? Tampering with eyebrows can be a bit of a scary task, but using an eyebrow powder is a great, non-permanent way to experiment. It is also an essential step in many people’s makeup routines. For those that don’t know how to go about it, here is a handy step-by-step to help you nail killer (and eco friendly) brows.


  1. Remove any makeup from your face, leaving the skin clean and clear.
  2. Using nail scissors, trim any longer hairs, making sure they are all a similar length. You can use a spoolie to ‘fluff’ up the hair to get a better idea of which ones need trimming.
  3. Pluck any stray hairs that don’t fall in line with the natural shape of your brows- don’t go crazy!
  4. Once you have trimmed and plucked, it is a good idea to moisturise the area using a natural cream or balm that can help to soothe reddened skin.
  5. Apply any makeup that you may like to use such as foundation, BB cream, or powder.
  6. Make sure you pick an eyebrow pencil that is around one shade darker than your natural hair colour. If you have dyed hair, don’t be tempted to make it match as this is not always necessary.  Be sure to pick a powder that is eco friendly, made from natural ingredients and comes in a non-plastic case!
  7. Take an eco friendly makeup brush and dip it into the eyebrow powder. Load up both sides of the brush with powder then gently blow on it to remove any excess particles.
  8. Using short, sweeping motions, fill in your natural brows, starting from the front and gradually working your way back. Try to avoid making large, sweeping lines, instead making soft marks around 2-3 cm in length.
  9. Work your way back to the tail of your brows, making smaller and softer lines as you reach the end.
  10. Check in the mirror to make sure that you are even.
  11. Run a spoolie through the hairs if you wish and fill in any gaps that you see.

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