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eco-friendly household cleaning

The Ultimate Guide To Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning 3

Keeping your home pristine is a necessity and something we all take pride in, but have you ever stopped to consider the harmful impact that many of these cleaning products have on us and the environment? Traditional cleaning products are filled with harsh chemicals and are supplied in single use plastic bottles which end up in landfill.

Persevering with these items and techniques doesn’t have to be the only way! There are now many earth-friendly suppliers out there creating amazing natural cleaning alternatives for low impact living.

To help you get started and introduce you to the wonders that is eco-friendly cleaning, we’ve highlighted some of the top picks in our range – check them out below!

Cleaning SachetsIron & Velvet water soluble cleaning sachets

Offering a plastic free solution to household cleaning, Iron & Velvet’s water-soluble sachets can be diluted with water and will leave your surfaces looking spotless! Simply pop a sachet into your spray bottle of choice with water and – poof! You’ve just created your own eco-friendly cleaning spray! We stock a choice of four different boxes, each with a different mix of solutions to suit your cleaning needs.

Browse Plastic Free Cleaning Sachets

Glass Spray BottlesGlass spray bottle

Perfect for use in conjunction with Iron & Velvet’s cleaning sachets, these amber glass spray bottles are an easy way to reduce the unnecessary plastic which often goes into the production of most cleaning spray bottles. Grab yourself a few glass spray bottles for around the home, make your own cleaning solutions and you’ve just saved a ton of plastic right away! Not exclusive to household cleaning – linen, hair and body spray can also be stored within the bottle too.

Browse Amber Glass Spray Bottles

Compostable Spongescompostable sponge

100% plastic free and compostable, these cleaning cloth sponges from Eco Living will not emit micro-plastic pollution, like their mass-market substitute. Super absorbent, durable and reusable, there isn’t a spot in your house where you wouldn’t find a use for them. Best of all, once you’ve used them as much as possible and they’ve come to dispose of them, they will safely biodegrade!

Browse All Compostable Cleaning Sponges

Toilet Brushesplastic free Toilet Brush

Made from natural wood and plant-based bristles, Eco Living’s 100% plastic free Toilet Brushes are a great option for a zero-waste home. Micro-plastics are often an issue with these type of products, but the plant-based bristles ensure the ocean will remain unaffected by the micro-plastics. It’s an easy adjustment to make and, in the process, you’ll prevent countless plastic toilet brushes from landfill.

Browse Toilet Brushes

Toilet Scrub PowderPlanet Detox Toilet Scrub Powder

Available in two scents, Planet Detox’s Toilet Scrub Powder uses only natural minerals and essential oils, in comparison to traditional products which tend to include harsh synthetic chemicals. Supplied in a plastic free paper bag, this toilet scrub powder can easily be transferred into a storage container. We stock both Lemon & Lavender and Tea Tree & Eucalyptus scents, to add to your sustainable and eco-friendly home cleaning routine.

Browse Toilet Scrub Powder

Natural Rubber GlovesNatural Rubber Gloves

Hard-wearing and agile, If You Care have created Natural Rubber Gloves which can be used for a multitude of tasks in your home. Everyday chores such as cleaning, doing the dishes or even gardening aren’t a problem when wearing these! Furthermore, you’ll be helping the Sri Lankan rubber tappers, who have received a fair trade premium for their role in cutting the bark at the start of the process.

Browse Natural Rubber Gloves

Bathroom Soap Barnatural bathroom cleaning soap bar

Leave your bathroom looking refreshed and clean with this wonderful zero waste and 100% natural bathroom cleaning soap bar. Handmade in Devon by Planet Detox, this product cleans and polishes surfaces, baths, sinks, taps and tiles. The Tea Tree and Eucalyptus ingredients have powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties which also disinfect and eliminate odours. Free from SLS & synthetic fragrances.

Browse Bathroom Cleaning Soap Bar

Compostable Bin BagsCompostable Bin Waste Bags

An eco-friendly solution to your kitchen waste, these compostable kitchen bags by If You Care are made from GMO-free potato starch blended with a certified, fully compostable polymer. A straightforward replacement for traditional plastic bags, these eco-friendly bin bags, although not home compostable, will biodegrade in a landfill or industrial composting facility. The bags fit all tall 13-gallon pails.

Browse Compostable Kitchen Bags

Natural Floor CleanerNatural Floor Cleaner

As you’ll be aware, the theme of this blog has been to alert you to simple, but effective changes you can make to your household cleaning inventory, and floor cleaning products aren’t any different. Switch out your usual chemical inclusive floor cleaner for Planet Detox’s eco alternative, Tea Tree & Thyme option. Only natural minerals and essential oils are used in the production, with tea-tree and thyme oils combination making an effective antibacterial and antiseptic cleaner.

Browse Natural Floor Cleaner

Natural Scrubbing BrushNatural Wooden Scrubbing Brush

A natural bristle cleaning brush which is completely plastic-free and made using sustainable beechwood and vegan union fibre bristles. Designed for some serious tough scrubbing! The bristles are made from a blend of biodegradable, natural Tampico and palmyra. This is a fantastic, heavy-duty cleaning brush for a plastic-free cleaning routine.

Browse Natural Bristle Scrubbing Brush

There you go – 10 natural & eco-friendly cleaning products that do an awesome job without plastic waste.

We hope this short blog post has given you some ideas for your own eco-cleaning routine or at least given you a place to get started. Please share with others and encourage them to also consider the environmental impact created by the products they use to clean their home!

Thanks for reading! 💚


  1. I need to replace my plastic handled sponge floor mop and have been looking for a cotton mop. Nothing in the area like that. Do you have anything? Thanks…loved your info

    Susan MacKenzie
    1. Hi Susan, we are currently on the hunt for a natural bristle mop but in the mean time, we do have a natural bristle scrubbing brush!

  2. Thank you for this. I love the cleaning sachets and also the bathroom soap bar which does leave everything sparkling. ❤️

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