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Why You Should Switch to Eco Friendly Toothpaste 2

Making the switch to eco friendly toothpaste

There are a number of reasons why you should consider switching to eco friendly and natural toothpaste- this is just some of them!


Have you ever considered trying natural toothpaste? Eco toothpaste is natural and free from potentially harmful ingredients such as SLS foaming agents. Whether you are prone to sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, or heaven forbid, bad breath, we have a solution for you to try. But what are the key reasons why you should make the change.

They are gentle

Eco toothpastes are free from some harsh, synthetic and man made chemicals that can sometimes lead to irritation and exacerbate conditions such as mouth ulcers. Natural toothpastes are made with ingredients that are known for their natural cleansing properties as well as for being mild for those that suffer from sensitivity. They can also protect you from harmful bacteria that is the leading cause of gum disease, whilst keeping you clean, fresh, and bacteria free.

Natural ingredients

There are plenty of natural ingredients that can provide excellent cleansing power for your mouth, teeth and gums. For example peppermint oil is a strong antiseptic and gets rid of any germs whilst leaving you with a clean and fresh taste. Activated charcoal is another example that helps whiten the teeth whilst creating a naturally mild abrasive that leaves your mouth clean and your teeth gleaming. You can also use natural ingredients including orange oil and tea tree to give a pleasant taste and bicarbonate of soda to absorb and remove stains and plaque from our teeth.

Good for babies and children

Due to the natural ingredients and delicious natural flavours, our range of natural toothpastes are suitable for children and babies. They clean gently whilst not tasting too strong or powerful and young ones will like the fruit infusions as well as the fact that they come in ‘cool’ formats such as tabs and pastes that you put on a stick.

Fluoride free options

Fluoride has long been present in many toothpaste formulas but there is some debate over whether it is harmful or not. Whilst it is effective in fighting cavities, there are potential issues over the impact of long term usage and whether it can be harmful for your health. For those that want to choose between the two options, we stock natural options with fluoride and without.


  1. Are they palm oil free?

    Elton Watson
    1. Yes they are!

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