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Care For Your Underarms With A Soda Free Deodorant

Soda free deodorants are kind and delicate on the skin and perfect for those who suffer with sensitive skin or are prone to skin irritation. Natural and chemical free, soda free deodorants are made with you and our planet in mind!

Sodium bicarbonate can cause skin irritation and is commonly experienced when switching to a natural deodorant that is aluminium free, because although it is effective at fighting bad odours the natural way, sodium bicarbonate increases the pH of the skin. This can cause irritation such as dryness, redness, itching and rashes. If you know your skin is already sensitive, it is probably best to opt for a soda free deodorant.

A benefit of opting for a soda free deodorant is that they are less likely to cause staining on your clothes. Sodium bicarbonate can cause white marks on clothes which can be unsightly and annoying; an easy, eco, soda free switch could resolve the issue!

At Peace With The Wild, we stock an amazing selection of soda free deodorants that are all made with natural ingredients and supplied in plastic free and environmentally friendly packaging. All our soda free deodorants have been trialled and tested, and made using a natural formula that is ethical and sustainable.

Like all natural deodorants, a transition phase will be experienced when switching to a soda free deodorant. Once your body has become toxin free and detoxed from the aluminium, your underarms will start feeling healthier and thank you in the long run. Care for your underarms the natural way and fight odour with an environmentally friendly, soda free deodorant.

Soda Free Deodorants For Sensitive Skin

Discover our range of soda free deodorants that are made with natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients. All our soda free deodorants are environmentally friendly and free from sodium bicarbonate; perfect for even the most sensitive of skin. Stay fresh and odour free without the risk of skin irritation. Be kind to your skin with our wonderful selection of natural, soda free deodorants by eco-friendly brands The Natural Deodorant Co, Re:connection, Happy Holistics and more...

17 products

Products (17)