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To all the shaving lovers who we're sure you are using safety razors in tandem, there are certain accessories that you may need for your shaving routine. If you're wondering why you need these accessories, it's probably because you're new to eco-friendly shaving. These items help you maintain the longevity of your shaving tools. In the pursuit of eco-friendliness, we're sure you aim to ensure you use items as long as possible before disposing of them. Then, we also ensure you have a way to dispose of them safely for recycling. 

When you own a safety razor, you must ensure that the blades are for quite some time before switching them up for a different blade. To do this, you need a safety razor stand. A safety razor stand helps you keep your blades away from water puddles which often are left in the bathroom when grooming. Even if you have quality rust-free blades, staying in water puddles for a long can ruin them. But when they're on a stand, your razor can dry off well, and it will be in perfect condition when you need it the next day or two. Not only that, but a safety razor stand protects it from blunting and any damage from falls. Once you buy a safety razor stand, you don't need to worry about making another purchase since they last a lifetime. It will always maintain its shape, and all you have to do is wash it once in a while with warm soapy water and clean it off with a clean cloth to ensure you're keeping it hygienic. If you want to look at it from a face-level point of view, imagine how elegant your bathroom looks with a safety razor in a stand tucked away in the corner, it will all look elegant and sharp. 

A shaving accessory such as a grass bristol shaving brush is also of the utmost importance. If you haven't encountered shaving brushes yet, then you must. You've probably had a glimpse of a shaving brush in an old movie with a vintage barbershop (yes, we're taking you back in time). When using a safety razor, you'll practice wet shaving, and we advise using a shaving brush before lathering your skin with vegan shaving soap. When using a shaving brush to lather your soap up, you'll realize that it's nothing like cans, foams, or tubes as it is thicker, dense, and richer and lathers you up pretty well, which protects your skin. A shaving brush also helps exfoliate the skin and raise the hair for a clean shave. Removing dead skin cells helps prevent cases of ingrown hairs. Once you've started using a shaving brush during wet shaving, there is simply no going back. The process of it becomes somewhat meditative and addictive. We also have shaving brushes made from the most natural and organic ingredients making your entire shaving process cruel-free. 

When shaving using a razor blade, it can be hard to dispose of safely and ensure it's recycled. That's why we have the razor blade disposal tin. This tin stores upto 100 blades and easily fits in your wash bag, allowing you to carry it when travelling. It is eco-friendly as it can be recycled together with your blades. You can either tape it at the top and recycle it with your blades or reuse it after throwing the razors in a recycle bin. 

Eco-friendly shaving accessories 

Are you looking to make your shaving routine more eco-friendly? Then, we got you covered. We offer all shaving accessories that are plastic-free, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Shaving is an essential hygienic step for those who love being hairless, and these shaving accessories make it even better.

15 products

Products (15)