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If you're new on your journey to being mindful and eco-friendly, you might wonder why on earth anyone would need a shaving bar. Well, it takes time to create lather, but it has many benefits. When you think of a shaving bar, you will have an image of a vegan shaving bar in a wooden soap holder. Shaving bars are pretty old-fashioned, and it's what your great-grandfather knows to be the ideal way to shave off his beard. We're taking you back in time to using such simple items because they're less harmful to the environment and your skin. Of course, by talking about shaving bars, we're hoping your shaving tool is a safety razor because it's the most eco-friendly shaving tool available. 

Often paired with a shaving brush, shaving bars are essential to a shaving routine. A shaving soap helps create a luxurious lather which protects and lubricates the skin, softens beard hair, and helps the safety razor glide smoothly along the skin. A shave involving a shaving bar, a shaving brush, and a wooden shaving bowl is a luxurious self-care routine that requires a lot of attention to detail such that it turns into a meditative session that you'd likely look forward to every morning that you're supposed to shave. If you love long self-care routines, you could add shaving into your routine. Using this old-fashioned manner, you will get your shaving out of the way and get into your other self-care routine, such as masking or soaking in a bathtub. 

If you're thinking, "why can't I use my regular soap?" or "is it really necessary to use a shaving soap?" It might not be obvious to everyone, but regular bathing soap is created to remove dirt on the skin. If you use regular soap for shaving won't form the kind of lather you need, and it will also result in dryness. Shaving soap is created for shaving alone. For an enjoyable shaving experience, shaving bars offer lubrication, extra glide, and protection to the skin from irritation and razor burn. Shaving soap also offers moisturization on the skin to prevent it from drying out or causing irritation. Unlike regular soap, shaving bars contain natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, glycerine, castor oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and other natural oils, depending on your bar type you've purchased. These natural organic oils cause hydration on the skin preventing you from suffering dryness after shaving. They also offer slickness and lather. So, if you lather up with your regular bar soap, you'll be disappointed because it won't provide you with the thick, stable lather you need to shave. Additionally, if you have dry or sensitive skin, it won't provide you with the hydration and moisturization you need. 

When using a shaving brush, you'll apply the shaving soap lather on your skin in circular motions, which helps soften and lift hair to achieve a comfortable and close shave. The whole process of using a shaving brush also helps you slough off dead skin cells. Besides all the good it does to your skin and hair, shaving bars are an excellent value for money. You'll stay with one bar of soap for so long compared to how long you'll have shaving creams. 

Vegan and eco-friendly shaving bar 

Since you're searching for a shaving bar that isn't harmful to the planet, we fulfil your needs at Peace With The Wild. We understand that going back to traditional shaving is the most eco-friendly thing. Here, you'll find a variety of shaving bars to suit your needs and taste. You can even choose a shaving bar with the same essential oils as your cologne to match it. One thing that we ensure you'll have is plastic-free, natural, vegan, and handmade shaving bars. You can now easily ensure your shaving routine is adorned with all-natural and eco-friendly shaving accessories and tools. 

6 products

Products (6)