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Eco-friendly shaving is now made easier with shaving creams. You might love the routine of using vegan shaving bars, but we all know that sometimes one needs a quick shave so you can rush out of the door to run errands or work. You shouldn't have to use shaving creams with chemicals and toxins (which the current market is filled with) when you can use a cruelty-free, toxin-free, 100% organic and without any water or wax. Most people are switching to using and consuming organic items because of the realization that nature holds a great healing power for the environment and humankind. When it comes to traditional shaving, the ingredients in shaving creams consist of dyes, chemicals, and ingredients tested on animals for formulation purposes. We know how tricky it is to come across a vegan, organic, and cruelty-free shaving cream, which is why we offer them here. 

The main problem with traditional shaving creams is the presence of toxic ingredients that can damage the skin. When shaving your skin, often you'll have open pores, which makes your skin vulnerable to toxins entering the deeper layers causing more issues. The base of most traditional shaving creams includes mineral oil, which is a derivative of petroleum (gasoline). You'll also find Propylene glycol (found in brake fluids and antifreeze) and vegetable oils (GMO oils which are even banned in other parts of the world). Traditional shaving creams also contain lathering and foaming chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, emulsifiers like triethanolamine, aerosols (containing butane, xylene and formaldehyde), and artificial fragrances. These chemicals in shaving creams often lead to skin irritation, respiratory issues, headaches, and more. They are primarily toxins you should probably not use on your skin. That is why we recommend you use organic and cruelty-free shaving creams that won't cause any trouble to you or the environment. 

Our shaving creams are formulated with 100% organic ingredients, which are least likely to irritate the skin. Some shaving creams we offer contain natural scents such as cedarwood and lemongrass, while others are scent-free, making you pick what you'd prefer on your skin. We understand that some people are irritated by certain scents and essential oils, so there are shaving creams without these. These natural, organic, cruelty-free, and plastic-free shaving creams give you the chance to have a luxurious shaving routine that is eco-friendly. The glass jar containing these products is 100% biodegradable, while the metal lid is recyclable. Shaving using these organic shaving creams will leave your skin feeling smooth and divine. 

With these shaving creams, a little goes a long way because they don't contain any water. You won't need a shaving brush, nor will you use it on long hair. You only need a small amount on your fingers and gently rub it on your skin. You can shave using your safety razor. Rinse your safety razor after each stroke. You'll see how smooth and gentle these shaving creams are on your skin. They come with a luxurious feel, and some even contain an unwavering natural scent. It is time you switched that aerosol shaving cream in your shower for these gentle, organic shaving creams. 

Vegan, cruelty-free and 100% organic shaving cream

At Peace With The Wild, we care about you and our planet, hence why we offer good products on both ends. Your shaving routine should be luxurious and adorned with natural products that support your skin's health and the environment. Here we offer a variety of products that will nourish you and are also eco-friendly. Shaving is part of many people's personal care routines. Switching to natural, organic, and vegan shaving creams would be a game changer. You can use shaving creams when you don't have time to lather up your shaving bar. It will be quick, easy, and still eco-friendly, which is what we preach. 

2 products

Products (2)