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When talking about safety razors, it feels like asking people to go back to compact tapes and the like instead of what's available in the modern era. But is it a bad thing when classic things are actually better? It is a common saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." This applies to shaving too. Modern-day shaving lovers have been bought by marketing showing how easily you can shave off body hair using one shave with upto five blades. While it sounds enticing, more blades added to your razors irritate the skin. However, safety razors only go over a spot once removing hair is done. 

While most people want things easy, such as a quick 5-second shave without any routine whatsoever, this comes at a cost. Most of these famous cartridge razors contain more than one blade, which is mostly paced inside plastic making it hard to recycle the blades. Once the blade gets blunt, which doesn't take too long, you'll need to dispose of the razor and buy another. While this seems ideal, eco-friendly individuals find it to be insane. We are a society that wants everything easy, fast food, deliveries, and a non-cumbersome morning routine. However, we see shaving as something that, in the past, was part of an excellent self-care routine. A safety razor is considered a more luxurious and intentional choice for those interested in shaving and maintaining a self-care routine. 

A safety razor isn't something that puts your shaving ritual on autopilot but instead a ceremony where all your focus is on the blade and your skin. By creating such focus when shaving and self-care, it feels so meditative and shaving eventually turns into a sacred practice of yours. Safety razors provide you with a self-care routine rather than a quick fix. You can even use a shaving brush on your hair and take your time to ensure all your roots face the same direction before applying your vegan zero-waste shaving soap. Can you imagine a morning that starts with a shaving bowl, a shaving brush, and your vegan shaving soap lathered up to give you perfection no matter the part of your body you want to shave? Once you've learnt how to use a safety razor, you'll never want to go back. No one wants a lousy shave. 

Safety razors are great for hygiene since they have space where your hair goes through, and you can easily wash them off without leaving any residue on your shaver. Alternatively, it is easy to have problems with a cartridge razor because hair and dead skin often get stuck, which can easily lead to infections. Besides being hygienic, you're sure to remain with skin as soft as a baby's bum. It would help if you didn't worry about bumps and ingrown hairs. Due to the lack of repetitive nature of safety razors, you'll have less irritated skin. The best part of safety razors is their eco-friendliness. The safety razors can last you for centuries, and all you have to do is change the blades, and even when you have to change them, they're recycled. These blades are recyclable, meaning you don't have to worry about contributing to pollution. 

Reusable single safety razors 

Shaving is a practice that humans have been doing for centuries now. Here we offer you options to ensure that your shaving experience remains eco-friendly. The razors, blades, and stands are all reusable and plastic free. The packaging comes in eco-friendly and plastic-free material. We aim to ensure you find a way to be eco-friendly in any small manner, even if that means your shaving routine. We are taking you back to more traditional shaving practices with a modern twist that prevents you from contributing to all the pollution madness but instead creates a meditative and relaxing shaving routine that leaves you feeling relaxed and cared for. 

27 products

Products (27)