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Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs The Reusable Alternative

Organic cotton handkerchiefs are not only handy to have, they are also a much more eco friendly, zero waste and reusable alternative in comparison to commercial disposable tissues.

Yes, disposable tissues are soft but the thing is not all disposable tissues can be recycled! This is because some tissues are reinforced and get their ultra soft feel from chemicals and additives which mean that they take longer to compost and those chemicals can work their way into the environment around us. Also in order to make disposable tissues it involves cutting down a vast number of trees which in turn destroys wildlife habitats and the process of cutting down those trees causes water and air pollution!

What's worse is that disposable tissues are used for just a few seconds to tend to sneezes and sniffles and then thrown away, now think of how many people there is in the world and image how many tissues are thrown away daily, that soon builds up over months and years in to a scary amount of waste!

But there is an eco friendly alternative! At Peace With The Wild, our handpicked collection of organic cotton handkerchiefs is the zero waste way of tending to those coughs, sniffles and sneezes. Organic cotton handkerchiefs also have some other great uses such as being used to clean your mobile phone, clean your glasses, dry and clean your hands, and also make a nice little eco friendly handbag accessory.

Make the eco friendly choice and opt for an organic cotton handkerchief, the reusable, zero waste alternative!

Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs That Are Eco Friendly

Discover our range of organic cotton handkerchiefs handmade in the UK with 100% organic cotton. What's great about these organic cotton handkerchiefs is that they are washable and reusable so they are much a more eco friendly, zero waste alternative to disposable tissues. Shop eco brand Tabitha Eve and their natural, un-dyed, organic cotton handkerchief that comes in a pack of two, perfect for those cold winter months or those who suffer from hay fever. They are also supplied in plastic free, eco-friendly packaging which can be recycled and helps reduce waste. Read more to find out why making the switch from disposable tissues to a reusable, organic cotton handkerchief is not only beneficial to you, but also our planet.