65 Eco Friendly Products – The Ultimate List Of Sustainable Alternatives For Zero Waste Living

These days it seems almost impossible to escape plastic – everything is made out of it!

Plastic can take from 500 to 1000 years to start degrading, that means all the plastic ever made still hasn’t even started to degrade.

When plastic finally does start to break down, it is only breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic parts of itself. This then contaminates the environment even further.

  • Each year approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide, that is more than one million bags being used every minute
  • 50% of plastic used is for single use, then thrown away
  • One million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed each year as a result of plastic in our oceans

I think it’s safe to say, things need to change.

You can begin eliminating plastic from your life today.

Living by example is the best way to reduce plastic pollution. Once you start sharing your eco friendly journey with friends and family, you’ll notice your actions gets others thinking about their own plastic waste.

So be sure to share your journey, letting people know which alternative products you use, as well as sharing articles like this. As more and more people become aware of and join the eco friendly movement, we’ll start to see things change for the better.

To help you with your transition away from the plauge of plastic products, I have put together what I believe is the ultimate list of eco friendly products, that you can buy today to help stop plastic pollution.

A little cliche, but this is how we change the world.

Have a browse through the list and decide which products you’d like to switch out to get started with your eco friendly journey.

Bamboo Toothbrush:

bamboo toothbrushes 3

What difference will one toothbrush make? Said 20 million people…Switching out your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo toothbrush is how many people get started on their eco journey. A quick and easy change, and a great gift to get a friend started.

Check Out Our Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo Toothbrush Case:

bamboo toothbrush case hydrophilTake your bamboo toothbrush with you with in it’s own bamboo travel case. A sturdy little travel case to protect your new bamboo toothbrush. Just wait until someone sees it, they’ll want one.

Check Out Our Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case

Organic Toothpaste:


Until I started living a more environmentally concious life, I had only ever seen toothpaste in plastic tubes.Then I discovered Georganics. They have done an incredible job at creating 100% organic toothpaste that works – without all the nasty chemicals. Georganics toothpaste is also supplied in glass jars, so they can easily be reused or recycled.

Check Out Our Natural Organic Toothpaste

primal suds handmade natural soap xabonNatural Hand Made Soap:

Shower gel and soaps found in the supermarket are usually sold in plastic bottles or wrapped in plastic. Funky Soap & Primal Suds are working to change this. Their range of natural, handmade soaps smell amazing and work just as well without all the harsh chemicals. Even better, they are supplied in cardboard and paper packaging.

Check Out Our Natural Hand Made Soap

dog shampoo bar unpackaged funky soapSolid Shampoo Bars:

Funky Soap’s solid shampoo bars are the way forward if you are looking at ditching the plastic normally assosiated with washing your hair. These solid shampoo bars work wonders, contain no harsh chemicals, are vegan friendly and also have zero plastic packaging.

Check Out Our Solid Shampoo Bars

Conditioner sensitiveSolid Conditioner Bars:

Just like with our shampoo bars, solid conditioner bars will allow you to ditch the plastic waste when washing your hair. Caring for your hair shouldn’t have to include polluting the planet. Well it won’t anymore!

Check Out Our Solid Conditioner Bars

oragnic essence deodorant lemon tea treeNatural Deodorants:

Natural deodorants that are plastic and chemical free. Far better for your skin and much kinder to the environment.
These natural deodorants are aluminium free, cruelty free and made using 100% natural ingredients. Available in biodegradble card tubes and reuseable metal tins.

Check Out Our Natural Deodorants

safety razorSafety Razor:

Replace disposable plastic razors with one that will last you a lifetime! Safety razors are a great way to reduce plastic waste in the bathroom. Simply purchase replacement blades when required and keep on shaving! Replacement blades for safety razors are also supplied in cardboard packs.

Check Out Our Safety Razor

shaving soap lav webNatural Shaving Soap:

There is no need to have plastic associated with your shaving routine. Supplied in reusable/recyclable metal tins, our vegan friendly shaving soap pairs well with safety razors and vegan shaving brush.

Check Out Our Natural Shaving Soap

earthwisegirls reusable sanitary pads woodland theme multipack mediumReusable Sanitary Pads:

Sanitary products account for a massive share of the plastic waste produced each year, due to the fact they are single use disposable. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Cotton Sanitary Pads can be washed and reused, freeing up tons of plastic waste each year. A sound investment for your eco friendly journey.

Check Out Our Reusable Sanitary Pads

who gives a crap recycled toilet rollWho Gives A Crap – Recycled Toilet Roll:

Who Gives a crap not only produce incredible recycled toilet roll, but they also give 50% of their profits to help build toilets in developing countries. They seem to last twice as long and look great on display in the bathroom. An amazing product from an inspirational company. We love it.

Check Out Our Who Gives A Crap – Recycled Toilet Roll

reusable coffee cup deep sea green sol 12ozReusable Glass Coffee Cups:

If your avid coffee drinker (like me), investing in a reusable coffee cup is a wise choice. Simply hand it over the counter at your favourite coffee shop to refill each time, and right away you have saved 100’s of disposable coffee cups ending up in landfill each year.

Check Out Our Reusable Glass Coffee Cups

Stainless Steel Lunch Box Two Tier Food ExampleStainless Steel Lunch Boxes:

Just like the reusable coffee cup, a stainless steel lunch box is a great way to reduce your plastic waste. Sure plastic lunch boxes can be reused, but how long do they last before breaking? Then what happens when its finished? Stainless steel lunch boxes can last a life time and are easily recycled if needed.

Check Out Our Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

medium mesh produce bagCotton Produce Bags:

As mentioned in the begining of this article, one million plastic bags are being used every single minute with 500 billion used each year. All it takes is a little preparation before heading out for your groceries. Grab your cotton produce bags and shop knowing you’re not contributing to the plastic bag epidemic.

Check Out Our Cotton Produce Bags

sandwich bag foxes marleys monstersReusable Cotton Sandwich Bags:

I hate plastic, but I hate single use plastic even more. The idea of putting your sandwiches in a plastic bag only to throw it away in a few hours once you’ve eaten them is just ridiculous. Reusable cotton sandwich bags from Marley’s Monsters make this a thing of the past. Simply wash and reuse them.

Check Out Our Reusable Sandwich Bags

marleys monsters bento bag peas mediumBento Bags:

I love it when a product solves a problem while looking awesome doing it. These bento bags from Marley’s Monsters are an awesome way to carry you bits and bobs without plastic bags. Did I mention they look amazing?

Check Out Our Marley’s Monsters Bento Bags

bees wax wraps gents lunch packBees Wax Wraps:

Say goodbye to cling film forever with these reusable beeswax wraps. Simply place them over your food container and mold them to the shape of the opening. The heat from your hands is enough to mold them firmly in place. Wax wraps are a completely plastic free alternative to cling film. Simply wash and reuse them, then pop them in your compost bin when its time for a new one.

Check Out Our Bees Wax Wraps

Large Bamboo Tongs Bamboo Kitchen UtensilsBamboo Kitchen Utensils:

Ditch plastic in the kitchen with our range of bamboo kitchen utensils. Bamboo spoons, spatulas and tongs. 100% biodegradable, bamboo kitchen products are a brilliant way to stay eco friendly when cooking up a treat.

Check Out Our Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

Cotton Bowl Cover Wales LargeCotton Bowl Covers:

Similar to Bees Wax Wraps but designed more for the fridge than the lunch box. Easily cover food when eating outdoors and save left overs with reusable cotton bowl covers. They’re super handy and I personally love the printed designs from Edgy Moose.

Check Out Our Cotton Bowl Covers

coconut shell soap dish leaf designCoconut Soap Dishes:

If you’ve made the switch to a eco friendly soap you’ll know they can be quite messy (100% worth it). Once you pop it in a soap dish you’ll notice it’ll catch any run off. Of course your natural soap, needs a natural soap dish – naturally!

Check Out Our Coconut Soap Dishes

cinnamon and orange vegan candleVegan Candles:

Handmade, completely plastic free and also vegan friendly. Witchwood Candles have done an awesome job with these, they look and smell divine. Check out their coffee vegan candle, seriously.

Check Out Our Vegan Candles

jute and seagrass storage basket smallJute & Seagrass Baskets:

These natural jute and seagrass storage baskets look lovely around the home, and of course contain zero plastic making them 100% biodegradable. We have one by the front door for all our keys and also one in the bathroom for all our toiletries.

Check Out Our Jute & Seagrass Baskets

soapnutsSoap Nut Shells:

Natures wonder…introducing soap nut shells. If you’ve never heard of Indian soap nuts before you’re in for a treat. Use them to wash your clothes, care for your plants or clean your home. Incredibly versatile and effective at so many tasks, they are supplied in a cotton bag and being natural will compost easily.

Check Out Our Soap Nut Shells

none spongeHeavy Duty Non Sponge:

Plastic free eco-friendly alternative to disposable sponges. Made using only natural materials – cotton, bamboo and hessian is combined to create a hardy and durable dish sponge.

Check Out Our Heavy Duty Non Sponge

vegan dish brush ecococonutCoconut Dish Brush:

Completely plastic free dish brush made using sustainably sourced coconut husks, recycled rubber tree and metal wire, this is 100% natural and biodegradable!

Check Out Our Coconut Dish Brush

Coconut Bottle Brush: vegan bottle brush cleaner ecococonut

When you have a reusable water bottle it can be quite a job cleaning it thoroughly! Made using sustainably sourced coconut husks, recycled rubber tree and metal wire, coconut bristle bottle brushes make life easy.

Check Out Our Coconut Bottle Brush

bicarbonate soda loofahLoofah Cleaning Pads:

A perfect vegan and zero waste alternative to brillo pads and scourers. Loofah cleaning pads are layered to withstand tough household cleaning!

Check Out Our Loofah Cleaning Pads

konjac sponge tabitha eveKonjac Sponge:

Konjac sponges are a completely natural vegan alternative to the sea sponge and disposable sponges. This plastic free sponge is ideal for an eco-friendly vegan skincare routine, it can be used for washing both your face or body and is perfect for sensitive skin.

Check Out Our Konjac Sponge

BIG Paper Potter

Paper Potter:

The paper potter allows you to make your own plant pots using your own recycled newspapers. This is ideal for a zero waste and eco-friendly lifestyle, especially those who enjoy gardening. They’re fun to make too!

Check Out The Paper Potter In Our Eco Friendly Gardening Category

gold biodegradable glitterEco Friendly Glitter:

Most glitter is actually made from tiny microplastics. These quick find their way into our eco system, having a massive negative impact on animals and the environment. Now you can glitter up plastic free with this range of eco friendly glitter from Eco Glitter Fun.

Check Out Our Eco Friendly Glitter

bamboo makeup brush newBamboo Makeup Brush:

An eco friendly makeup brush is a great addition to your makeup bag. They’re made with a bamboo handle and soft vegan bristles. A good size for travel and of course plastic free.

Check Out Our Bamboo Makeup Brush

biodegradable bamboo cotton swabsBiodegradable Cotton Swabs:

Cotton buds are another one of those products which we use for just a few seconds then instantly dispose of. The issue is what they’re made from – plastic! But once again bamboo is here to the rescue. Natural and 100% biodegradable, bamboo cotton swabs are changing the was we look as disposable ear buds.

Check Out Our Biodegradable Cotton Swabs

rose clay and honey facemask wild sage and coFace Masks:

Packaging in recyclable glass jar with a metal lid, these eco friendly face masks contain 100% natural ingredients that have been sourced ethically and sustainably. The cute little jars can be reused or easily recycled if needed.

Check Out Our Eco Friendly Face Masks

Natural Suncream:

When I think of suncream, I think supermarket isle filled with thousands of plastic bottles filled with chemicals, ready to be used and discarded.
Shade Natural suncream is the answer to this. Consisting of only 4 natural ingredients and supplied in a reusable/recyclable metal tin. We don’t think it gets much better than that.

Check Out Our Natural Suncreams

lemon grass mint organic shea creamOrganic Shea Butter:

Organic shea butter supplied in plastic free packaging made from recycled paper. Finding skincare products that are natural and not in plastic has been a mission in itself, but the products are now starting to become available and awareness is starting to build.

Check Out Our Organic Shea Butter

marleys monsters cloth wipes 12 pkReusable Cloth Wipes:

These reusable cloth wipes from Marley’s Monsters are a great eco friendly alternative to baby wipes, facial cloths and make up wipes. 100% cotton, washable and reusable. Marley’s Monsters have done an awesome job with the designs on all their products, they’re stylish and very unique.

Check Out Our Reusable Cloth Wipes

bamboo washcloths marleys monstersBamboo Washcloths:

Another great one from Marley’s Monsters. These bamboo washcloths are perfect for your face and body, they’re super dense and absorbent. Made using only natural material, they are extremely sustainable and eco-friendly.

Check Out Our Bamboo Washcloths

fat and the moon all salveFat And The Moon – All Salve:

Far superior to petroleum jelly, this all salve from Fat and the Moon is made using 100% natural ingredients derived from botanicals. This all salve is perfect for healing cuts, scrapes, burns, bites and chapped hands.

Check Out Our Fat And The Moon – All Salve

vegan shaving brushVegan Shaving Brush:

What I love about the eco-friendly and plastic free lifestyle is going back to traditional methods of doing every day things. Shaving is one of these things, using a plastic free safety razor can take some getting used to but this vegan shaving brush is the perfect accompaniment to help with the process.

Check Out Our Vegan Shaving Brush

sandalwood and orange man balm moisturiserMan Balm Moisturiser:

This all in one man balm from Living Naturally is made from 100% natural ingredients, perfect for using on body, beard, face, hair, feet and hands. Award winning and eco-friendly with it’s glass jar and metal lid, this vegan man balm is an essential when it comes to natural skincare.

Check Out Our Man Balm Moisturiser

Bath & Body Oil:

This natural bath and body oil from Wild Sage & Co is an absolute dream because I never thought I would find a plastic free alternative but here it is. Made with lavender and geranium essential oil and packaged in recyclable aluminium bottle, this is perfect for having in a hot relaxing bath or massaging into the skin to nourish and moisturise.

Check Out Our Bath & Body Oil

rose geranium bath saltNatural Bath Salts:

Detox and purify your skin with eco friendly bath salts. Made using 100% natural ingredients and packaged in a reusable glass jar with metal lid. Handmade by Wild Sage & Co in the Herefordshire countryside.

Check Out Our Natural Bath Salts

marleys monsters facial rounds 9Reusable Facial Rounds:

A washable, eco-friendly alternatives to disposable cotton balls and cotton wool pads. Reusable facial rounds are great for removing makeup, cleansing and toning, while being far softer on the skin and all without any waste!

Check Out Our Reusable Facial Rounds

organic lipbalm grapefruit 2Organic Lip Balm:

This is another one of those products that is almost always sold in plastic. Well now there is another way, kutis organic lip balm works wonders with its 100% natural ingredients and is packaged in cardboard tubes or metal tins.

Check Out Our Organic Lip Balm

soapnut salve botanically infused balmSoap Nut Salve:

Living Naturally have made this healing soap nut salve using herbs and botanicals that have natural healing qualities. Perfect for using on lips, hands, feet and body. Award winning and eco-friendly with it’s glass jar and metal lid, this vegan healing salve is an essential when it comes to natural skincare.

Check Out Our Soap Nut Salve

cotton net soap pouchExfoliating Soap Pouch:

Exfoliating soap bag made from sisal a natural material. Ideal for adding natural texture to your soap to help exfoliate and leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Check Out Our Exfoliating Soap Pouch

georganics oil pulling mouthwash 100mlOil Pulling Mouthwash:

This 100% natural oil pulling mouthwash attacks bad bacteria that thrives in the mouth, all without destroying the good bacteria. A perfect alternative to commercial mouthwash, as it contains no toxins, no chemicals and is supplied in a glass bottle.

Check Out Our Oil Pulling Mouthwash

georganics silk dental floss white 30mNatural Dental Floss:

This natural dental floss is made from from bamboo charcoal, beeswax and organic peppermint essential oil. Supplied in a handy glass container with a metal dispenser top, you can simply refill it with more natural dental floss when needed.

Check Out Our Natural Dental Floss

primal suds handmade natural soap ramiHandmade Natural Soaps:

If you haven’t discovered Primal Suds or Funky Soap yet, you are in for a treat. They have done an amazing job of creating effective natural soaps using purely natural ingredients. Packaged in biodegradbale paper and cardboard like many of our environmentally friendly products.

Check Out Our Handmade Soaps

bamboo baby fork spoonBamboo Baby Fork & Spoon:

This bamboo baby fork and spoon set is made from natural certified organic bamboo, a safer and healthier alternative to plastic. Easy to hold, safe and eco-friendly, this baby fork and spoon set is well worth having in a parent’s eco kitchen. Oh, and they look adorable.

Check Out Our Bamboo Baby Fork & Spoon

Glass Water Bottle with Tea Infuser 320mlGlass Water Bottle with Tea Infuser:

Made from borosilicate glass and stainless steel, with a tested BPA free silicone seal, this flask is a sustainable and endlessly reusable alternative to plastic water bottles and tea cups that are thrown away constantly.

Check Out Our Glass Water Bottle with Tea Infuser

marleys monsters unpaper towels big 1Unpaper Towels:

Marley’s Monsters Unpaper Towels are an eco friendly alternative to disposable paper towels and paper napkins. Much like the rest of Marley’s Monsters products, they are printed with their signature stylish designs that really make an impression.

Check Out Our Marley’s Monsters Unpaper Towels

black mascara lunar zero wasteEco Friendly Vegan Mascara:

This vegan mascara from Luna Zero Waste was handmade in Oxford, UK using natural ingredients such as activated charcoal, bentonite clay, vegetable glycerin and aloe vera gel. Unlike most makeup available today, it comes in a glass bottle with a metal lid.

Check Out Our Eco Friendly Vegan Mascara

lunar zero waste eyeliner black 2Eco Friendly Vegan Eyeliner:

Natural ingredients and cruelty free make this black vegan eyeliner a far better alternative to commercial eyeliners usually filled with chemicals and animal by-products.

Check Out Our Eco Friendly Vegan Eyeliner

natural makeup cheek lip stain fat and the moonLip & Cheek Stain – Fat And The Moon:

Fat And The Moon lip and cheek stain is a fantastic way to condense down makeup, its perfect for travelling with or just keeping in your handbag.
Adding a dab of this on the apples of your cheeks and lips gives just the right amount of colour. Best of all it comes in a handy recyclable metal tin.

Check Out Our Fat and the Moon Lip & Cheek Stain

lunar zero waste bronzer 2Eco Friendly Vegan Bronzer:

Another absolute beauty from Lunar Zero Waste. This vegan bronzer is perfect to add a lovely sun kissed glow to your skin and is completely cruelty free and handmade with natural ingredients here in the UK.

Check Out Our Eco Friendly Vegan Bronzer

natural vegan stain removerNatural Stain Remover Stick:

This solid stain remover bar from Living Naturally can remove many types of stains from your clothes naturally without the use of chemicals or toxic ingredients. Made from 100% natural ingredients that are biodegradable and safe and supplied in a cardboard sleeve.

Check Out Our Natural Stain Remover Stick

hammam towel quick dry chappie blueTurkish Towels:

Hand crafted by Ebb Flow Cornwall using a traditional wooden loom and using only 100% high quality aegean cotton from turkey. These hammam towels are another beautifully made eco friendly product.

Check Out Our Turkish Towels

wool stainless steel straws angle ecoReusable Stainless Steel Straws:

Plastic straws are another products which are used for all of a few minutes then discarded. The amount of them being thrown away each year is astronomical. The answer? Stainless steel straws. With a stainless steel straw you can simply wash and reuse it, over and over again. They also come with a handy little natural jute bag, so we can keep them in the car and at home so we’re never without.

Check Out Our Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

bamboo strawsBamboo Straws:

Our Peace With The Wild Bamboo Straws are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. Made from 100% natural and organic bamboo they can be washed and reused for years.
Unlike plastic straws which are used once then thrown away, these bamboo straws won’t harm the environment as they are 100% biodegradable.

Check Out Our Reusable Bamboo Straws

small wooden scoopsWooden Scoop Set:

Ideal for a your free kitchen, this scoup set comes with three different sizes of wooden scoups. Made from FSC oak with a natural finish, they’re non-leaching and eco-friendly. Safe and healthy to use with food and kinder on the environment.

Check Out Our Wooden Scoop Set

stackable wooden spice bowlsWooden Spice Bowls:

Consisting of three individual beech square bowls that hinge together to create a cube. Ideal for dried herbs, spices, salt, sugar and even loose tea, this wooden bowl set is made from natural wood with no chemical finish.

Check Out Our Wooden Spice Bowls

glass bottle deep sea green sol 850mlGlass Water Bottles:

SoL have made their glass water bottles using hand blown glass with a BPA free silicone sleeve for grip and protection. Reusable, light and durable your SoL bottle provides a cleaner drinking experience without plastic.

Check Out Our Glass Water Bottles

stainless steel bottle bamboo lid 750ml jerryStainless Steel Water Bottles:

You can’t beat drinking ice cold water from an ice cold stainless steel bottle. Jerry Bottle have done an increbible job of creating an eco friendly, stainless steel water bottle that will last a lifetime. Ditch plastic water bottles today, forever.

Check Out Our Stainless Steel Water Bottles

reusable baguette bag with breadBread Bag:

I live very close to a bakery, so I am often in there my bread and other goodies. Having your own eco friendly bread bag really does help reduce plastic, simply hand it over the counter and there is no need for a plastic bag. Brilliant.

Check Out Our Bread Bags


There you have it, my list of 65 eco friendly products to get you started on your plastic free journey, thanks for reading!

If you made it this far in one go, well done! You’re obviously very kean to get started with eco friendly living and I applaud your enthusiasm.

As more people become aware of eco friendly products, the demand for them increases and as does the options for us all moving forward as more companies get involved. So be sure to share your journey with your friends and family.

If your interested in more tips on how to reduce your plastic waste with eco friendly living, join our free newsletter and we’ll keep you in the loop.

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