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Natural Bath Bombs That Are Kind To You Skin

Natural bath bombs are great for enhancing relaxation, as they are made with 100% natural, pure essential oils, organic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients that are gentle and kind to our skin and create a wonderful at-home spa experience. Did you know that baths have been proven to lift your move, combat skin conditions, help with muscle pain, help you sleep better, reduce cold symptoms, and calm arthritic pain?

But more than that, for many people, having a natural, relaxing bath is the one time in a day when you can sit back, relax, put the phone on airplane mode, and just take some time for you. Pop a natural bath bomb in and sink beneath the bubbles and let the warm water swill around you, it is not hard to see how for thousands of years baths have been used as a part of religious ritual and for therapeutic purposes.

The first documented baths were in Ancient India and citizens would bathe three times a day using an elaborate practice called a grihya sutras. In Ancient Greece, as far back as the 2000 BC, Greeks were using small bathtubs in Crete and luxurious alabaster tubs in Santorini. Then, in Ancient Rome, such was the Roman’s love of public baths or ‘thermae’ that they had aqueducts specifically to supply them with water. 

Thermae were not just baths, but complexes with warm, cold, and hot baths, rooms for socialising, and even libraries. But by the time the Christians turned up, baths were considered immoral and they fell out of favour.

Baths were also popular in both informal and ritualistic ways in Japan, Spain, Central America, Medieval Europe, the Ottoman Empire, and eventually Victorian England. By the beginning of the 20th Century, a weekly Saturday night bath-night was firmly enshrined in most of the public’s schedule although due to a lack of indoor plumbing, whole families would use the same water- nice.

Thankfully nowadays we don’t have to share bathwater and bath time has become a sacred time where we can take time out to pamper ourselves. Of course, at Peace With the Wild, we do not do anything without first considering its environmental impact. That is why our collection of natural bath bombs are all eco-friendly, plastic free and are only made with natural ingredients that are vegan, organic and cruelty free. 

Of course, having a bath can use a lot of water but there are things you can do to lessen the impact your tub time has. From eco friendly and natural products to bathing by candlelight and paying attention to temperature, this section is all about maximising your bath time, while minimising any negative effects and what better way to do it than with vegan, organic and natural bath bombs!

Sensational Natural Bath Bombs That Are Kind To Our Planet

Discover our range of natural bath bombs that are made with natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. Our eco, natural bath bombs smell delightful and are kind to your skin and our planet! Shop natural bath bombs, natural bath tea and even natural shower steamers cubes which releases powerful natural essential oils to enhance your daily shower. They are also all supplied in plastic free, eco friendly packaging so there is no waste that adds to the plastic pollution crisis.  Baths have been enjoyed for millennia but here is how you can make the best of yours the natural, vegan, environmentally friendly way. Did you know that baths have been proven to lift your move, combat skin conditions, help with muscle pain, help you sleep better, reduce cold symptoms, and calm arthritic pain?

31 products

Products (31)