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Made With 100% Natural & Eco-Friendly Materials

Abeego wax wrap Firestarter's are 100% natural and biodegradable, perfect for starting your fire the eco-friendly way.

Where Abeego Firestarter's are different is because they are made from leftover beeswax wraps! Instead of they going to waste they are upcycled, which helps reduce waste and your carbon footprint.

They can be used for fireplaces, BBQ grills, wood burning stoves/ovens and campfires/outdoor fire pits.

Not only are Abeego products cruelty free they are also harmless for plants, vegetation and aquatic organisms. At Peace With The Wild we stock a hand-picked selection of Abeego plastic free and natural Firestarter's, all are supplied in plastic free, sustainable packaging that can be recycled or reused.


Sustainable Wax Wrap Firestarter's

Abeego was invented in 2008 by Toni Desrosiers. All of Abeego products are made from their production unit 'The Hive' in British Columbia, Canada. Using only natural and biodegradable ingredients, Abeego takes inspiration from nature! At Peace With The Wild we stock Abeego wax wrap fire starters a far more sustainable alternative to paraffin based products.


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