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Terra Ties The Eco-Friendly Alternative

Terra Ties are great for all genders and ages, perfect for styling your hair without harming the environment! Not only are Terra Ties more eco-friendly than conventional and commercial options they are also much thicker, more durable and even softer. This makes Terra Ties more comfortable to wear and it also means they last longer.

Did you know many commercial and conventional hair accessories and hair ties are made from plastic and other materials that do not biodegrade and can be harmful to the environment. When it is time to replace them, most of them end up in landfill, polluting the natural environment.

Why conventional hair ties are damaging to our planet is due to the fact they are made from synthetic rubber and polyester. These types of material do not biodegrade or they take thousands of years to do so.

At Peace With The Wild we stock the eco-friendly and plastic free solution, Terra Ties! Terra Ties are available in a stylish black which is perfect for any outfit or look, whatever the occasion. Terra Ties are also supplied in plastic free, recyclable and biodegradable packaging which means you can style your hair the guilt-free way.

Biodegradable Hair Accessories That Are Earth Friendly

Terra Ties are a company with a mission to make biodegradable hair accessories that plastic free and earth friendly! Terra Ties are a far more environmentally friendly alternative to standard hair ties, being made from natural rubber and organic cotton. Both are renewable and 100% biodegradable.

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Product (1)